Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lazy Weekend

I feel like I haven't posted in a while, but life has been busy, so I believe that's a decent excuse. It was a long week, and I needed to catch up on sleep. The Boy and I had a very lazy 3-day weekend (he was home sick on Friday), sleeping in until 11am. Last weekend, I bought some AMAZING smoked salmon at the Lake Merritt farmer's market - we ate it on bagels with cream cheese this weekend, and it was delicious. Cap'n Mike's Holy Smoke doesn't come cheap, but it's worth it. Boy, is it worth it. We went to the Oakland A's game on Friday night for fireworks night, and to the Kona Club tiki lounge on Saturday night. I walked approximately 3.5 miles around Lake Merritt with my good friend and her wonderful 2.5 year old daughter (who calls me Auntie Kim, and knows I can't say no). We watched the Pittsburgh Penguins win their final game in the first round of Stanley Cup playoffs. We hung out at our friends' house while they brewed some homemade beer, and I had the lovely Sonja over for a dinner of whole wheat fettuccine with chicken marinara sauce tonight. Oh, and we made double chocolate chip oatmeal walnut cookies with almond butter.

And now, after that self-indulgent ramble of How I Spent My Weekend, I'm going to bed. I hope you all had restful weekends!


  1. that sounds like a lovely weekend. I spent mine working on a rig plot, which was nearly as fun.

    Check under your sink for the inflow valves--there should be two, and the cold is typically on the right. Something may have bumped the valve slightly closed. If it's just the sink it's either that, an isolated blockage of the inflow pipe--which would need to be cleared with some flexible wire, or something loose in the mixing valve. When you turn on the cold, do you hear any rattling sounds? Does the water come out in a very small but fast stream? Do you have hard water? If it gradually got worse it may be a mineral buildup, which is a pain to scrape off.

  2. Yeah, I tried turning the cold on and off, but that didn't do anything to fix it. No rattling sounds, and the water comes out small but fast. Fast-ish, anyway I think. No hard water that I know of...

  3. "sleeping in" until 11? i didn't get out of bed until 1pm yesterday!