Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today's Accomplishment

After receiving some unfortunate job news last night (I didn't get the job I was hoping for), I moped around a bit and cooked a really delicious dinner of salmon, Brussels sprouts and Yukon gold potatoes with The Boy. Not one to sink into negativity, I decided to jump back into productivity mode this morning.

My good friend Dana came over this morning, and helped me to take on a project that has been a LONG time in the making. If you remember, My "No Excuses - You're Unemployed" list had something on it that said "(finally) sort through the box under my keyboard - Erm...this isn't going so well. This is a case of "someone come hang out with me while I do it." I am happy to report that it is done. Finally done. I moved in to this apartment in July of 2007, and this box has been under the keyboard ever since. Seriously. It was the "junk etc." box that was always sort of a catchall for anything I couldn't find a place for - and my keyboard was functioning more as a table, and it was a big mess of a pile. So big thanks to Dana for keeping me company and helping me fill an entire trash bag of junk.

What? There's a keyboard under there?

I think I can hear the angels sighing.

In a fit of motivated homeyness, I took on the project of washing my living room rug. It is actually three small rugs duct-taped together, and cleaning it is a bit of a challenge. Usually I take it outside and shake/brush it out, but that doesn't actually work too well, and today I finally un-duct-taped it (a challenge in and of itself) and threw it in the washer. It's a "jersey shag rug" like this one but in magenta, and says to "spot clean only," but I'm hoping for the best here because spot cleaning was just not doing it. The first two are in the wash right now... fingers crossed!

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