Monday, May 4, 2009

Curves Meal Plan, Day 1

Today was the first day of my new eating plan, so for the sake of documentation, I thought I would provide a little food diary of sorts.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup egg substitute (Safeway brand eggbeaters), 2 veggie sausages (Morningstar farms brand), 1 slice whole wheat bread (homemade). I added 1/2 a roma tomato and 1/4 an orange bell pepper to my eggs, in addition to a little salt-free multi-spice mix from Trader Joe's. The things I added were on the "free things" list (veggies and spices that you can eat in whatever quantities you want, though I assume you can't go too crazy). All in all, it was pretty good. The sausage tastes good, but the texture is (as Dana confirmed, upon my telling her about it) not unlike that of a dry sponge. I learned quickly that it was pretty good if you cut it up and ate it with the eggs though, so I think next time I'll just crumble it in as part of the scramble. All in all, a tasty and filling breakfast. I didn't even eat the whole piece of bread, I was so full!

On to lunch (I skipped a morning snack): I followed the recipe in the Curves book for tuna salad, 3 oz. of tuna (in water) with 2 tbs of light mayo. I added 1/2 a tomato and some celery, dill, pepper, lemon juice and red onion (all "free" items), and decided that 2 tbs of mayo was way too much. Next time, less mayo! I ate it with 6 baby carrots and a string cheese (and the other half of my bread from breakfast, and was quite full for a few hours.

Afternoon snack: 1 rice cake with 2 tbs peanut butter. I didn't quite use 2 tbs. It was good, and was a great little snack to tide me over between lunch and dinner.

Dinner: I took Dana out to dinner for her birthday, and we had some very delicious Chicken Tikka Masala and Sag Paneer, with Garlic Naan and rice. I didn't eat too much rice, and I only had 1.5 of the 4 slices of Naan, and while this was definitely not on my meal plan, it was delicious and worth the splurge for a good friend's birthday. Let's just ignore the fact that my birthday is on Sunday, and I'm going out for pizza/drinks on Saturday night. Shhh.

Dessert: 1 dark chocolate covered frozen banana (Trader Joe's). Delicious, and not too bad for you. According to the ladies at Curves (and common sense), you can trade one snack for one dessert, as long as it's not overboard. :-)

This is the rose I got at Curves this morning. They were having a little baby shower for one of the staff members, complete with games and mimosas (skipped the mimosa, myself, trying to be good in anticipation of my splurgey dinner). I guessed the closest to her pregnancy weight, so I got a little goodie bag with a Curves towel, and every person who came to work out today got a pink long-stemmed rose. Lovely!

Happy Birthday to Dana, and Happy 1st Day of pseudo-diet to me!


  1. The Morningstar fake sausage in the little patty-shaped form is fucking delicious, and I'm not a veggie or a dieter. Just FYI y'all.

  2. I often find that the serving amount of mayo or salad dressing is WAY too much for me. For salads at restaurants, I ask for the dressing on the side, and dip my fork in the little cup before I take a bite of salad. Dressing in every bite, and I only use about half the dressing they provide.

    Good work on your diet, and don't feel bad about going out - maybe grab an extra 10-minute walk each day.

  3. Kim. thanks for the tips,meals looking good. keep up the great tips!