Friday, May 1, 2009

Rainy Day and Happy News!

It is raining here in Berkeley, and I kind of like it. Mostly, I think, because I am warm and cozy in my apartment, and I've already gone to Curves today. I also went to the grocery store for milk and chocolate pudding's a healthier dessert than ice cream and cookies, and I LOVE chocolate pudding. Mmmm I am going to make some this afternoon! On days like this, I like sitting on the couch with a book, watching the rain outside my window, and that is precisely how I plan to spend my afternoon. After a hot shower, and taking a break to watch Ellen, of course.'s a nice day. The Boy and I are going to REI tonight to pick up some things for his 6-week backpacking trip this summer. He is doing a 12-mile or so hike tomorrow with some of his friends, and the weather prediction is for more rain (have fun, guys!), so there are a few things he wants to pick up tonight. Like special hiking pants that are not made of denim. Yeah.

So yes, I will sit in my nice little apartment and enjoy the rain. My friend Caitlin sent me this great video from the Google Chrome team - it's super cute. Check it (and the others) out!

And what is the happy news? My wonderful wonderful, wonderful beyond wonderful friend Erin (also known as genius poetess E.C. Messer - examples of her work here, here, and here-click Poetry, E.C. Messer) is moving here. I seriously love this girl. We became friends in college, when I was a freshman and she a sophomore, so grown-up with an apartment and a kitchen. We would bake delectable treats and watch movies and play dress-up (or maybe I would just imagine life in her amazing wardrobe) and just have a grand old time. She got a kitten named Gertrude, and wore cool things like brooches and hats with veils, and has a large collection of cool books and vintage...things. She is just all around awesome, and we make a pretty fierce duo if I do say so myself. And she has been far away in Chicago, becoming a Master of Fine Arts at SAIC for the last few years, and she's moving back to CA in a month, and has plans to move to the SF Bay Area in August.

So yes. This is happy news. Happy news, indeed.

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