Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ramble Ramble

I have been a little bit MIA lately, mostly because, well, I don't know. I've been working out at Curves 5 days a week (6 last week, because they had Mother's Day Mimosas on my birthday), and trying not to spend too much time sitting on my butt with the TV/computer. I've been eating well, but not amazingly well (because of birthday dinners galore last week), but I'm ok with that. Getting up in the mornings and working out has me feeling better - there's something to be said for getting up and out of the house at least once a day :-) Granted, there are days like today, when I was home by 10am and proceeded to watch TV and job-hunt online until 4pm. I snacked (on healthy snacks) but never ate a real meal, and now, at 5:45pm, I find my stomach growling for dinner. Salmon from the farmer's market tonight. I think it's a garlic, lemon and dill kind of night. Mmmm.

Anyway, it's been a lovely last few days. My birthday, as I mentioned, was on Mother's Day, and I had a lovely dinner at Jupiter with friends on Saturday night. The Boy surprised me with a giant cake (chocolate with raspberry in between the layers, my favorite), and when the 12 or so of us had our fill, I started passing it out to random people at the restaurant. It was way more fun than I thought it would be - people really appreciated the free cake, and it was fun to suddenly connect with a bunch of strangers (the free drink from one table and all the happy birthday wishes didn't hurt)! I highly recommend bringing a cake to your next bar/restaurant party experience and passing out slices to anyone who wants some. Fun!

On my actual birthday, I went to Curves for a mimosa and a workout, and came home to crash on the couch for a bit. The Boy and I had a lovely little picnic lunch on his balcony until it got too cold, when we walked back to my place to read on the couch for a few hours. (I just finished Nefertiti, which was excellent) We went to his hockey game later that evening, where he scored a birthday goal for me (and his team won!), and came home for some cake. It was quite relaxing, and really a nice birthday.

This post has been rambling on a bit, so I'm going to go take my laundry out of the dryer and marinate my salmon. Have a good night!

Cake! Birthday! Fun!


  1. You look beautiful! A beautiful quarter-of-a-century woman!

  2. that is indeed a massive cake. congratulations on rocking out 25 years. if you do that 3 more times, you win!

    speaking of centennials, I lost something at the post office yesterday and a teeny tiny old lady found it and gave it to the postal clerk. when i came back for it and was frantically searching she told me where it was. I asked if i could hug her and she said "of course dear." So yes, I hugged a complete stranger at the post office.

  3. ooh passing out cake to strangers. best idea ever! i might have to try that on an un-birthday. so glad you had a rockin 25th!!