Monday, June 29, 2009

My First Tomato Plant

I am growing My First Tomato Plant, in my windowbox. I am well aware that tomato plants require room for their roots to spread out, and that they should be planted in the ground or in a 1/2 wine barrel-sized container, etc etc etc...but I'm gonna see how far I can make this one go as-is. I bought it as a little kit (called My First Tomato Plant) that is certainly designed for children. It says it comes with enough seeds to grow 200 tomatoes, but I think that is highly unlikely. I'm sure it will need to be replanted, or that it will whither and die, but I figure I'll see what happens for now...until I figure out whether or not I can claim a space in our communal yard for my own little garden patch.

A few days after planting the seeds, little sprouts began to...sprout? This is what the little pot looked like on Thursday morning before I left for LA.

When I got home from LA on Monday...this! Ta-da! If nothing else, I made *something* grow from seeds. Right? ;-)

I will continue to update on the progress of my little planties!

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