Thursday, June 11, 2009

Of Little Significance

Apologies for the multitude of photo-based posts today (multitude = two, apparently). My hands are all cramped from scrolling through job boards on my MacBook. I should really bust out my mouse, but then I would have to sit at a table or something. God forbid I "work" from a place other than my couch! I've actually thought about working from a cafe or something one of these days, but I'm scared that working from a cafe will make me spend money. And money, I do not have enough of you to be tempted by cinnamon buns and cupcakes! Please ignore the fact that I spent $8 on cupcakes and cookies at Tea Cake Bake Shop on Tuesday. In my defense, it was Cupcake Happy Hour! I was powerless to resist!

I digress. And, um, side note? I'm actually finding typing less harmful to my phalanges than trackpad scrolling. Interesting. I'll have to write more and scroll less.

I have a mighty home project coming up, one that might actually involve Home Depot, so watch out. There will be blogging. Since I know you can't wait, let's just say it involves my dryer, and the fact that the vent is messed up and hot air blows into the house when I use it. Get excited, folks!

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