Friday, June 26, 2009


Dreamy rustic kitchens from Apartment Therapy...delicious.


  1. i love the word Delicious--in order to be pronounced properly it must be rolled around in the mouth, almost savored--de-LiSSHouss. It's almost dirty how much you have to swish the word around. Filth.

    I'm not a fan of the rustic look in kitchens--mostly because untreated hardwood is a nightmare to clean and looks filthy within minutes of scrubbing. (and unless that fridge is a modern retro design, it's terribly inefficient and certainly not energy-star.) I mean, yeah, i'd take both of those kitchens in a heartbeat over what I have, but given the choice I'd take the marble-and-tile look with some bright, cheery eggshell finish walls and black appliances.

    Big rain coming down outside--new york is getting a bath.

  2. Yeah...I definitely would need a bigger fridge - not even considering the energy-efficient-ness of it, the one in the picture is not really the best. But it looks cute, and in this post, that's all that mattered to me ;-)

    I don't know how I feel about untreated hardwood in kitchens, not having had any experience with it myself - I think what appeals to me most about these two is the color scheme and out-in-the-woods, naturey feel.