Monday, June 8, 2009

Small Bits of Organization

Today I embarked upon a Home Organization Mission, including trips to both Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target. It was partially successful. I purchased a lazy susan for my spices and then reorganized my spice cabinet. I tried to purchase a little shelfy thing to go in my dishes cabinet (too many plates stacked too high - I wanted to distribute them a little better), but I brought it home and not only is it too big for the shelf (yes, I measured first. Yes, I thought it wouldn't fit when I bought it. Yes, I was still disappointed.), it is also missing a rubber foot-protector thingie. You know, the little rubber tips on the legs of the shelf, where if you're missing one the whole thing wobbles. You know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, the missing rubber tip situation doesn't matter because it doesn't fit in the cabinet. I will be making another trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond soon to return it and get my $3.99 back. Almost doesn't seem worth it, does it? (Yes, it's worth it...sigh...but I'll wait until I'm already headed out that direction)

The successful portion of my expensive day (miscellaneous household things like laundry detergent and Goo Gone add up fast!) is that now my spice cabinet is pretty and efficient. The picture on the left is before - not horrible, but not at all organized. The picture on the right is after, erm, current, erm, I took the picture about 5 minutes ago. It makes a lot more sense this way...and the lazy susan is mighty useful (and only $4.99 at Target!). Now the baking supplies/sprinkles are all together on the top shelf with the random instant coffee I never drink anyway, and all cooking-savory-type spices are on the bottom. Easy peasy. Oh, and I also delivered two LARGE bags (all caps. that's how large they were) to Goodwill, and they are no longer sitting by my front door. This is a big deal, as they have been sitting there (albeit collecting more giveaway items on occasion) for about 6 months. So yes, another success: the front door area looks spacious!


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