Friday, June 5, 2009

Stuffed Squash Blossoms

I have been craving squash blossoms for a few weeks, because it's just that time of year...I read on Girl's Gone Child's Twitter that she made them stuffed with goat cheese, and that only made me want them more. I had had them once before, stuffed with crab, and omg they were amazing.

So, last night, I tried to duplicate my experience with squash blossoms, but using GGC's goat cheese idea. I used this recipe for guidance regarding cooking time and such, and they turned out pretty well.

They were a little more bitter than I remembered them being all those years ago, and maybe that was because I stuffed them with goat cheese and not sweet, succulent bits of crab, but overall, they were pretty good. And at $0.49 per blossom at the new "West" Berkeley Bowl (I'd link to it, but there seems to be no information about it available anywhere online), I'll totally buy them and try them again. Maybe I'll buy some crab and mash it up into a little paste or something with herbs (and some Fiber One? Am I Crazy?) and squeeze it into the little blossoms. Mmmmmm...

PS - it is WAY fun to stuff the blossoms by squeezing the cheese into the center using a ziplock/pastry bag. Way fun.

Anyway, it definitely feels like summer! This afternoon, I'm off to the Lair of the Golden Bear for the staff+family weekend for The Boy's work (he works for the Cal alumni association). It's supposed to be very cold, and possibly rainy, but it should be fun!


  1. okay kim, i love your blog. i love your recipes. i am going to make them in my spare time and on my staycations.