Monday, July 6, 2009

PCT Packing

On Thursday July 2, we packed the first four resupply boxes for The Boy's hike. We had to mail them on Friday July 3 before the post office closed at noon, so the pressure was on! On Friday, we also packed the other six boxes, which are waiting at a friend's apartment (he is in charge of mailing the rest of the boxes). There is a complete itinerary that has been shared with everyone involved (thanks, Google Spreadsheets!), and my apartment is feeling quite empty. I've had an REI explosion in my apartment for the last few weeks; it's weird that it's all gone! Good weird, I's nice to have my space back, but it's kind of odd. We have spent so much time at REI and Any Mountain in the last few weeks, I may go through withdrawl. If you catch me wandering aimlessly around an outdoor adventure store, remind me there's more to life than buying camping gear and dehydrated food, ok? ;-)

Watch the embedded slideshow for a peek into our night/s of box-packing! Scroll down for a complete list of contents...note that the last 6 boxes carry food for The Boy and The Boy's "little" (6'7" tall) brother.

10 Boxes: Contents
Also: extra sunscreen, soap, and bug spray

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