Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I've Learned Living Alone

I feel like this post would be more appropriate to write in the last week before Will comes back, but I've been thinking about a few things lately, and I just felt like writing it now. It's my blog - I can do that. And if I feel like writing another one in a few weeks, I will. So there.

Anyway, I have learned a few things about myself in the last 3.5 weeks since Will left for the backpacking trip, and I thought I would share them.

  1. I can whip up a pretty tasty little meal for one (or two, really). I already knew I was a decent enough cook...while I don't use recipes very often, I am pretty darn good at looking around the kitchen and creating something out of whatever I have. Tonight it was eggplant, summer squash and tofu, pan-fried (with PAM, not oil) in the same pans I used last night but hadn't cleaned yet. The residue from last night's squash with tomatoes and onions was just enough to flavor tonight's squash (it's not gross - I swear!)
  2. I need to be less judgmental about household messes. I used to get really annoyed when Will would leave his dirty clothes on the floor, or would leave shoes strewn about the room instead of in a neat line, and I never understood how he could stand to have papers piling up everywhere. I have been alone in the apartment for a few weeks since the mom-induced-deep-clean, and I am a little embarrassed about my mess. There is a pile of papers on the couch, four pairs of shoes are lying haphazardly around, and let's just say that sometimes I find it easier to put my dirty jeans on the floor instead of the hamper, which is an arm's length away. Oy. It's true that you notice other people's messes more than your own, but I've noticed my own mess this week, and I have learned that I need to be more lenient when policing his messes. Because - shock of shocks - I am not perfectly neat and tidy all the time either.
  3. It is much more annoying to do the cooking AND the cleaning. I am so used to (spoiled by) Will helping out around the house, that by the time I get done doing the dishes, I realize that I don't feel like cooking. Or by the time I finish cooking, I don't feel like doing dishes. Tonight, I tried doing dishes while I cooked, which resulted in slightly blackened eggplant and tofu. It tasted fine though, so I didn't mind. Multitasking! Yeah! I'd much rather team up with Will and split the tasks though.
  4. I don't really like living alone. As I mentioned in this post, I've learned that all my talk of loving this whole living alone thing was crazy talk. I don't love living by myself, I love living in my apartment with Will here all the time. It took him leaving for me to realize that, and I guess that's what they say about not knowing what you have till it's gone and all I'm glad he's only temporarily gone.
  5. I can keep myself occupied. It's been nice to learn/reassure myself that I am not wholly dependent on our relationship. I've been having dinners with friends, reading a lot, and spending some time with myself. It's good to remember that I can get by on my own, that I am self-sufficient, that I won't just sit around bored if left to my own devices. I like that.
One month from today, we'll both be back in Berkeley, embarking upon the new adventure of officially living together, and I couldn't be happier about it. His parents said today (when he told them) that "it's about time," and maybe they're right. All I know is that we are ready now, and we're looking forward to it.

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  1. Whoo-hoo! I can't wait for the two bedroom with the office/guest room, so we can visit cheap!