Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1402 Edith St.

I was certain that I had blogged about this house already, but I am failing to find my post on the subject, so I shall just gush in full detail now. This post might be my HouseLustiest post ever.

Of course, I am not looking to buy. Of course, if I were, I could not afford this house. BUT, I love it just the same.

I fell in love with it on the internet. An innocent browse through the Craigslist real estate listings opened my eyes to this lovely listing (not to be confused with Lovely Listings), and it was love at first sight. I thought it was too good to be true - after all, $679,000 isn't insanely overpriced for the area (growing up in Los Angeles has distorted my sense of what is "reasonable" when it comes to these things). You might call me crazy for attending the open house last week, but I couldn't help myself. I mean, something HAD to be wrong with this place, right? Um, if only.

For more information on the property, you can see the real estate listing here, or get info on Zillow. You should especially check out the photos page of the real estate listing, but only if you want to drool and possibly turn into a pile of jelly. I'm not saying it's my dream house, but ok, it is kind of my dream house.

There is nothing about this house to dislike. It is impeccably done, and just gorgeous, inside and out.
Things I love (because I like to torture myself with things I cannot have):
*note: all photos are from the realtor's website - No copyright infringement intended.*
  • The arched door. Seriously, it's not just an arched doorway - the door itself has a rounded top. It could not be more charming if it tried. (you can see it from the inside in the picture I linked to this bullet point)
  • The paint on the outside. I've always had a thing for blue houses with red doors; I don't know why. But this paint is just the perfect shade of green-blue, with the inset-window-trim (I don't know what it's really called, so that will have to do) being a slightly deeper shade. And the red door. So nice. (this picture is of the garage, see below for the deliciousness of the garage)
  • The kitchen. Small, yet spacious. It's actually the perfect size, if you ask me. It has a cut-out window that connects it to the dining room, and sparkling granite counter tops in the most delectable shade of blue-green I have ever seen. One of those cute sinks with the little mini-sink-with-disposal thingie in the corner. Dishwasher. Gas stove. Plenty of cabinet space, including a display-rack-cabinet thing that I can't really describe. But it was cute.
  • Breakfast nook. Next to the washer/dryer cabinet. Yep. It would perfectly fit my stacked unit. Of course.
  • Master bedroom, which is totally bigger than my current bedroom.
  • Second bedroom, which is just the right size for a guest bed/couch and a desk.
  • Ample closet space (several closets).
  • FIREPLACE. I mean, hello. Just look at that pretty thing. And on each side is a little window seat that doubles as storage. Naturally.
  • I even love the kooky, brightly-colored bathroom tiles.
  • The backyard. Cozy spot for a table/chairs, a garage that has a fully-functioning workroom (work bench, pegboard, electricity) attached, a nice amount of grass. There is even a perfect spot for a garden. There is even a deck (looked like cedar? some sort of cherry wood?) with a few steps leading from the kitchen to the yard. Sigh. You're killing me, house.
  • The hardwood floors, the central heat, the fact that the fireplace is in a nook, the kooky tree that manages to look perfect climbing up the outside of the fireplace, the window boxes out front...
I have to stop now. It's just too much. This house is just too wonderful, and I am starting to get that pang of "it's not your house; get over it."

Can someone just buy it for me, please?


  1. OH MY GOSH. You are right. It is perfect. I want it, too.

  2. Very lovely and clean looking. I like:)

  3. It's really cute, I just started looking at houses, of course all the ones I want are out of my price range...figures

  4. Good indications in the neighborhood -- every other house is either being painted, landscaped or remodeled.