Monday, August 3, 2009

Destination Dinners!

Through the wonderful blog called Food Loves Writing (written by the blogger formerly known as GradGirl), I have learned of a magical cooking treat by the name of Destination Dinners. Not gonna lie, I totally love them because of how prettily they are organized. Also because the food looks delicious, and the recipes are things I wouldn't think to make on my own. And because of the organization. Goodness, I love me some organization!

Anyway, Shannalee is hosting a contest where you can win a Destination Dinner. Of course, I am entering as many times as possible...not only to win a free totallyawesomedinner, but to give this girl a shout out wherever I can. She is a great writer, a beautiful food photographer, and we have been blog buddies for the last two years. We've never actually met, but I loved her personal finance blog and I love her new(ish) food blog as well. Check her out!


  1. Aw, thanks, Kim! I'm very nostalgic tonight, so I'll blame that for the fact that my eyes are a little misty. I love all the great blog friends I've made in PF and food worlds. Thanks for being a part of that!!

  2. Anytime, Shannalee. It cracks me up that our interests went from the PF to food blog world around the same time too.