Saturday, August 8, 2009

Farmers Market Lunch

I went solo to the Farmers Market today, and was able to pick up all my delicious goodies in just half an hour! Not my usual leisurely walk around the booths, but I had a nice time and ended up with lots of good food.

For example, the kalamata olive loaf, goat's milk feta, fresh basil, and awesome stripey tomato you see pictured to the left. Otherwise known as lunch! :-)

I also got baby eggplant, green beans (and some other kind of wide, flat green beans), nectarines, strawberries, sage cheddar cheese, beautiful summer squash (some with the blossoms still on! Oh I will be stuffing those tonight!), more stripey tomatoes, baby spinach, a cucumber, some lemon cucumbers, some "dry grown" (or something like that) tomatoes, and some nice little button mushrooms. All organic! Fresh! From Farmers! And for $35!

I love the Farmers Market.

1 comment:

  1. i bet the wide flat green beans are snow peas or sugar snap peas. great with stir-fry!

    beautiful tomatoes.