Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Le Sigh

My dream house is off the market. No, I did not buy it. But someone did, and I hope they will be very happy there. And then I hope they sell it in several years when I am ready to by a house. I'm sure there will be other dream houses, and lord knows I'm not ready to buy now anyway, but still...I'm a little sad that it's been bought. Because I am dumb. Is it totally pathetic to get sad about "losing" a house you couldn't have had anyway? I think so.

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  1. No, no I totally get your sentiment here. As someone who spent about 10 of her formative years looking at open houses (my mom REALLY wanted to move, my dad never felt like he could find JUST the right one until lo and behold ONE day, he SOMEHOW managed to convince himself that our house in C-bas was "the one"), I loooovvvve looking at them still. And getting unnecessarily attached. You'd think my childhood experiences might have turned me in the opposite direction (House Hater! lol) but nope, HGTV and Apartment Therapy are my BFFs. I hope you get your dream house (or something quite similar) someday!! :) I love you House Lust posts.