Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cal Cupcakes

This morning, at 9:00am, Cal played Minnesota. Golden Bears vs. Golden Gophers. And my contribution to the game-watching party (TiVo'd at a friend's house, starting a little after 10am - the game was in Minnesota and we didn't all get up early enough to start watching at 9) was a tray of mini cupcakes. My theory was that if you're gonna eat cupcakes for breakfast, they might as well be tiny cute ones! With Cal-colored decorations! Cute!

Bria, Shanna, you're going to scold me again, but I used Betty Crocker butter yellow cake mix. :-) I had never bought butter yellow - I guess I usually just buy regular yellow...because I was totally caught off guard when the box said to add a stick of butter (in place of the usual oil). That's what I get for buying a box of cake mix just because it's on sale (for $0.99! I mean, come on!), I guess. Oh well, they tasted good. Even if the frosting slid off the tops of some of the cupcakes (theories? I have no idea why this happened. Yes, the cupcakes were cool when I frosted them). And even if half of them got knocked over in the car on the way to Erin's house.

Please enjoy the photos below. I thought the cupcakes were so cute, I had to take a billion pictures. PS - even though the 3rd quarter was a bit shockingawfulterriblehowtheheckaretheynotplayingwellanymore, the Bears won the game. Yay!

All lined up, like ducks in a row. Messy, smudged ducks. Ducks? I mean bears. Golden bears.

I was really excited to decorate with my new pastry tip. It is awesome.

Closeup of some other frosting designs (made with the same tip), and more smudged frosting. In the back (top right corner), you can see the frosting sliiiiding off the top of a cupcake. WHY, frosting, WHY?!?


  1. You'll hear no scolding from me, at least not when the cakes look that cute!

  2. Tee hee, baked goods are better in miniature-form, aren't they?

  3. The frosting slippage happens to me when I use my tips, too. I now spread a thin layer of frosting on with a knife first before frosting with my tips. It keeps it in place pretty well. I figured the frosting from the tips just wasn't adhering right :) Hope this works for you!

  4. Dopey! You are so smart. I am going to try your trick because I have the same issue Kim has. And Kim? The cupcakes are SO CUTE. And SO DELICIOUS. Looking. At least. I bet they were awesome. Mmmm. I want a cupcake.

    P.S. my captcha on your blog tonight has been "go scram" "rolls" and "slugger". Weird, huh?

  5. Thanks for the tip, Dopey! I will try it when I make the cupcakes again this weekend!

    Frostytrish - That is weird. I love when captchas make real words!

  6. I feel left out. What is a captcha??????

  7. You know that security thing where you have to type in a random jumbling of letters/numbers/words to prove you're a human and not a spambot? That's a captcha.

  8. Too cute! I agree with Shanna - can't scold when they look so good. Of course, now I totally want yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

    Oh, once I made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting as a surprise for a friend's birthday, and his wife insisted I put lemon extract in the cake. I was really skeptical, but it was actually pretty good. Worth a try, anyway, next time you feel adventurous and cakey :)

  9. Ooh, I'll have to give the lemon extract a try! And I swear, one of these days I'm makin' it from scratch!

    PS - maybe it's the highly-processed ingredients, but the batter totally stayed good for a whole week in my refrigerator (in a tightly sealed plastic container). It was awesome. Because guys? You can easily get 24 cupcakes out of only 1/2 a batch of batter.

    Fun fact: Each cupcake uses less than 1 tablespoon of batter. So don't feel guilty eating a bunch of 'em! :-)