Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drive-By HouseLusting

There's this little house that I've driven by a few times recently while picking up lunch for my coworkers, and it recently had one of those for sale signs out front that just say "OH HI I AM A HOUSE AND I AM FOR SALE! CHECK ME OUT, WHY DONTCHA?"

So, I took a picture so I would remember the address, and promptly (2 days later) decided to look it up online. It's no dream cottage, but it is very cute.

Note the fireplace. This is one cute fireplace. And the little built-in? And the floors are made of reclaimed wood, so I can support that. This is the dining room, technically, but it could easily be a sitting room, I think, if you wanted to...not dine by the fire?

Nice kitchen. Apparently the countertops are made of radiant heat concrete (whatever it is, it sounds fancy!). And a dishwasher AND garbage disposal? And do you see that awesome faucet? And the window? And the little eat-in area?

This backyard looks like a secluded little jungle...and I love the deck. And I like the paint job. The grass could use some lovin, but I think the yard could be really nice. Note: the yard looks more secluded in this picture than it really is, as shown in this picture. But hey, nothin' some tall trees or a fence with vines couldn't fix!

Anyway, the house is listed at $449,000, and seems to be reasonably priced for the area. I'm not so sure how I feel about the area's not the WORST neighborhood, but there are a few residential burglaries (and um, a nearby rape? no thank you) posted on my new favorite website, SpotCrime. It's not crazybad, but it's enough to make me think twice a bit. In my own neighborhood (also not the worst, but certainly not the best), most of the crimes listed are things like "drunk in public" or "drug abuse possession."

Yeah. I am spending too much time looking at real estate listings. But cute! House! Cute!


  1. I love that house, but where are you that it is almost 500K? Move to IOwa. You could purchase that sucker here for $150 and be my neighbor!

  2. Haha, welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area, Lyz. Finding a 2-bedroom house (even with 1 bathroom) under $600k is considered lucky. A friend just bought a 2B/2B condo for just under $200, and that was a STEAL (because it was a foreclosure, and in need of a lot of work). Most Berkeley homes are in the upper $700's to $1 million. Growing up in LA, where house prices are also crazy, I'm not super shocked by it...but watching shows like House Hunters and Property Virgins make me realize how cheap it is elsewhere.

    Around here, we're paying for location.