Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Officially Cohabitating

Today was our first morning of waking up together in what is now officially our place. Where we live. Together. I like saying that. Things so far are not terribly different, as we very frequently stayed at my place, very often woke up in my bed (now our place, our bed). We haven't even moved any of his things in here (well, except the backpacking gear that he brought back from Washington), and the places is still a bit of a mess. But somehow, things just feel a bit more...settled.

I came home for lunch today, and we ate together on the couch. After work, we watched Seinfeld and loaded a few of my boxes into the garage for storage. At 7pm, the doorbell rang. Surprise! Will had ordered Thai food from our favorite place before I got home from work. I know it's not some huge deal, but it made me very happy. We're spending the rest of the night watching Law and Order: SVU and 18 Kids and Counting and talking about the rearranging of furniture and the purchasing of groceries. It's quite lovely.

Oh, and when we got home last night (around midnight), the dryer vent that my landlord had fixed was...um...not fixed. In what I can imagine is only a good sign, my (our) landlord showed up today while Will was home and fixed it. Again. But this time, it's really fixed (I hope!) - he actually nailed it to the wall. The dryer vent has been inadequate since the day it was installed (approx 7 months ago), and I will be very happy if the hot, moist air from the dryer no longer comes rushing back into the house! Now, it has taken 7 months for this to be properly fixed, and I'm not saying it's some sort of magical mystical good omen or anything, but I am taking it as a good sign that Will moved in and the vent was fixed within 24 hours.

I am excited for him to move stuff in from the storage unit, I am excited to grocery shop together, and even with 3 giant, painful pimples on my chin and a bug bite swollen to the size of an egg on my elbow, I am excited to cohabitate.

Before and After

Some other fun cohabitation links, because it seems like it's a popular topic these days (or maybe I am just highly attuned to it right now).
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  • The Onion - Nation's Girlfriends Unveil New Economic Plan - 'Let's Move In Together'. - pretty hilarious video...
  • Primer Magazine - Moving in with Your Girlfriend: How to save Your Relationship...and your Manhood - totally stereotypical, but hilarious.


  1. I'm glad the vent is fixed!!

  2. Me too! I'm doing laundry tonight...the test!

  3. congratulations on officially living in sin! and for helping curb the nation's debt (i hope your mother supports the new economic plan). thai food + SVU makes for a happy long-term cohabitation, I can tell you from experience. have fun together!!