Sunday, September 13, 2009

The thumbs, not so green...

Ok, so I don't pride myself on being a super gardener or anything, but usually, I am pretty decent at keeping plants alive. I was fairly confident that my first tomato plant would be a bust, and it turns out that I was right. I'm not gonna lie, I did sort of give up on it. After that first little burst, it just stopped growing, and the leaves just kept getting browner and browner. And in semi-related news, my Trader Joe's basil plant was also looking pretty sad. The leaves were just not growing back at even a fraction of the speed at which I used them (ok, maybe a tiny, tiny fraction, like 1/10000000). I would use a few large leaves, and maybe a week or so later, a few teensy, yellowish leaves would grow back. Not so good.

Eventually, my window box garden looked like this:

Pretty Sad
(click to enlarge if you want a closer look at the devastation)

I realized last week that this would just not do, and that I would need to get some new life in this here window box. And today, at Trader Joe's, miracle of miracles, look what I found!

Ta-Da! Lush! Green! Edible!
(click to enlarge if you want to bask in the glory of my store-bought plants)

This little tomato plant was about $4.50, and had around 15 green tomatoes already on it (the basil was $2.99). The bagger at TJ's said that about half would probably ripen right away, and that I shouldn't re-pot it because it was so grown already that it would just shock the roots. No re-potting? Sounds good to me. Besides, the tag on the plant said that this is the full height of the plant (though supposedly more tomatoes will grow - I am skeptical). Now this is my kind of tomato plant! Dripping with fruit when you bring it home from the store...instructions not to re-plant it...what more could a girl want? And if none of them turn red, well, then it's fried green tomatoes for all (recipe 1, recipe 2)!

For now, at least it's a nicer view out the kitchen window! :)


  1. Yay for fried green tomatoes! I have made SO FREAKING many this summer and am still looking for my perfect way. Haven't tried cornmeal yet and really should!

  2. Fried green tomatoes are basically fool-proof. I don't know how I made a TJ's run today without noticing any of these bad boys. Dang!

    My tip for plant power is making one day per week watering day. Easier to remember, and that's about how often they should be thirsty, so long as you water until they leak out the bottom.