Monday, October 19, 2009

Feels like Fall

October feels like fall to me, even if the weather is (on most days) sunny and warmish. Fall in Berkeley may not mean scarves and hats, but it does mean long-sleeved sweaters every so often, and maybe only wearing flip-flops once a week! Shockingly fall-ish, I know. Some of you out there are probably gasping in horror that I even wore flip-flops in October at all, but hey - I have worn sweaters for the last two days! It rained yesterday! It's fall!

Maybe the fall season hits me hard in October because that's when stores start carrying pumpkins and gourds and all the lovely fall decor items that make things cozy. I am lighting candles almost every night, and last night, the sheets actually felt cold when I got into bed. Wow.

I love this season, I do. And all of a sudden, October is half-over, and Thanksgiving doesn't seem too far away, and we all know that as soon as Thanksgiving ends it's almost Chanukkah and Christmastime. Which is just crazy. We are talking about booking flights and planning travel for December it really that time of year? It is, apparently, and I couldn't be more pleased about it. There's just something lovely about the weather getting colder and cozier and I have this overwhelming urge just to bake things all the time. And I want a big stock pot and a "hand-stick" blender so I can make soups. This season is all about being a homebody, which is something I am very, very good at! :)

Even the iHome is getting in the spirit of Fall!

Wheat and pumpkins...purdee

With Halloween coming up, it definitely felt like time to visit my favorite creamery/dairy farm, Spring Hill. I've been buying their cheese from the farmer's market for a few years, and every October, they turn part of the dairy farm into what they call the Peter Pumpkin Patch. We finally went on Sunday, and man oh man was it fun! We ate fresh ice cream (and cheese and pumpkin pie), dug for potatoes (which we ate that night and the night after - PS digging for potatoes is the most fun ever!), milked a cow, wandered a hay maze, and of course, picked our own pumpkins! Some pictures from our little adventure in Petaluma...

Cheese! So much cheese, so little time!

Hay maze! Definitely for children!

Petting a baby cow...

Boo! There were so many little baby pumpkins, I could hardly contain myself.


Unrelated to the pumpkin patch, but we went camping a few weeks ago at Half Moon Bay, and I liked this picture. Cozy camping at the beach!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I want to dig for potatoes too!