Friday, October 30, 2009

Identifying With Women On TV

Wow, I bet the title of this post made you think this would be a well-thought out essay or something, dissecting the role of women in television shows or something equally thought-provoking and yet not so original. Sorry. You're wrong. It's about necklaces. And boobs.

Ok, so I don't particularly like the show Community (sorry, Zach) but it is enjoyable when I have to take my lunch break sitting at my desk (and therefore, not actually taking a break). And I must say, I was happy to see that in this recent episode, the continuity people didn't fix this lady's necklace. Because, people? This happens. I call it boob necklace. Or maybe sidenecklaceboob. Or "jeez, my necklace is stuck on my boob again." So thank you, Community, for not fixing her necklace.

This happens to me ALL THE TIME. I know it's normal, but it is very annoying to me! It's like that scene in Thoroughly Modern Millie (at least in the movie with Julie Andrews) where Millie is frustrated that her necklace doesn't hang straight. (see video, 2:30-3:20). And I quote: "Gee, I wish my fronts weren't so full...they sure ruin the line of your beads."

Now I do agree that "it's criminal what women'll do," blah blah blah the issue is that we think our beads should hang straight down and we should accept our bodies and all that...but whatever. Sometimes, your necklace gets caught on your boob, and it's not as amusing as one might think it is. And whenever I see this "problem" reflected in movies/tv, it makes me happy. So there!

Was this blog post inappropriate? Nah.


  1. my boobs aren't big enough for stuff to get caught on them...

  2. Great post! Although, I disagree. I absolutely love "Community" and I think it's because I have a secret crush on Joel McHale. :)

  3. I'm a Joel McHale fan too, but I like him way more on The Soup!

  4. I ran into him at a celebrity basketball game a few weeks ago. My friend was all "look, it's Joel McHale" and I was all "what the fuck ever" and then I felt really stupid when I realized he was right. SO much better looking in person!