Monday, October 5, 2009

It's an Addiction

Folks, my name is Kim, and I'm addicted to house hunting. Now for a disclaimer: I love my apartment. Love it. We are settling into living there together very nicely. At the moment, we are not running out of space. In fact, after some nice cleaning this weekend, we actually have plenty of space (thank you, garage storage that we share with the landlord). Ok, maybe not plenty, but certainly enough. I love our cheap rent ($1100 for an approx. 650 sq foot 1-bedroom apartment, literally across the street from BART, with a yard and off-street parking and in-unit laundry). I know we have it pretty darn good.

BUT. But. but. I have an addiction. No matter how much I am ready to just stay put, no matter how much the thought of moving makes my head spin, I just cannot stop looking at real estate listings.

Take a look at this cutie-pie bungalow. It has 3 bedrooms, plus 2 bonus rooms and a detached "garden cottage" and "2+" bathrooms. It is a mere $639,000. That's nothing, right? Ha. Ha. Ha. Anyway, I swear, this house is speaking to me. Keep looking to see what I mean.

Warning: Gratuitous Pictures!!!

oh hi. i am adorable.

i have a beautiful living room, with built-ins and a fireplace.

is that a forest campground? no, it's my yard. complete with hot tub, deck, and tall trees.

you won't even mind the knotty wood paneling once you see this skylight! just pretend you're in a cabin in the forest (see backyard photo)!

ok, i know my kitchen is kind of nonexistent (do i even have a fridge?), but look at how much room you have to develop it on your own! and that kitchen island you bought will look just lovely in here...
*note: this may be a picture of the kitchenette in the detached cottage. but there is no way to be certain,
as this is the only kitchen picture on the website*

In other HouseLusting news, I drive past this awesome, bright blue Victorian every day when driving to and from work.

According to Craigslist, it has been completely redone. Everything has been upgraded, and there are fruit trees, native landscaping, and a hot tub in the back yard. I love that it is painted like a Smurf. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, $589,000. *note: the craigslist listing photo expired, so I pulled this from Google Maps, not at all creepily*

I might go to some open houses...or perhaps I shouldn't feed the addiction. It's just so fun!


  1. Dude, 600k is NOTHING compared to places like this in SF. But no, that wood paneling is awful - just back away slowly

  2. Yes, it is pretty awful. The funny thing is, I know how much cheaper the East Bay is than SF...but then I realize how much cheaper almost anywhere else in the country (ok, exaggeration) is than the East Bay. Le sigh.

  3. You don't have an addiction to house-hunting, Kim, you have an addiction to pristine promotional photos of houses for sale. Drug addicts aren't addicted to "feeling good," they're addicted to the concentrated dried resin of opium poppies. It's good that you know your addiction, it's good that you will be fully prepared for what you want when you are prepared to get it, it's good that you know "the good stuff" or a good deal when you see it. Are you sure everything you are looking at isn't represented by the same shrewd real estate agent that knows exactly the type of person he or she is "pushing" to?

  4. I too have an addiction. When we owned a loft in Jack London Square I would stalk the MLS looking for bungalows in Temescal, Glenview and Laurel Heights. Now that we own a Craftsman in Temescal, I'm once again stalking the MLS for 40s style cottages or modern homes in the Oakland Hills. It's a sickness and I don't want a cure.

  5. Haha, Jeff, you crack me up! This is why (if I absolutely fall in love), I try to go to open houses as well. I like to see how unrepresentative the photos are.

    And casacaudill, thanks for the comment! I love when people de-lurk! :)

  6. I do the same thing with Craigslist. I'm moving soon and I am completely obsessed with looking at property on there and trying to find my perfect home. I even seen something adorable in a bad area and tried to rationalize it. I'm even selling a lot of my stuff before I move so that I can start fresh because I'm dorky like that.

  7. My fierce combination of Craigslist + SpotCrime is unstoppable!