Monday, November 30, 2009


My good friend Cheshire started a T-shirt company (Jewishirts) with his wife, and it is really awesome. Check out their website and stock up for Chanukkah! Some of my favorite designs are below :)

Tree of Life

Get it (it's a maternity shirt)? Personally, I think this is hilarious and cute!

For all you non-Jews, sorta-Jews, friends-of-Jews, and not-too-serious-Jews...

How cute is this? For the little shnookum in your life.


  1. Adorable! I have three girlfriends who are pregnant right now... I like the miracle shirt a lot. :)

  2. You should get one for each of them! :-)

  3. Love these designs! Especially the maternity shirt. Will bookmark for friend's spring baby shower. She'd love this!

  4. I love the tree of life bag! I need that! When next we talk I will tell you of an exhibit Auntie Grandma and I went to with a vwery interesting tree of life!

  5. Okay, you talked me into it - I just bought two (the third girl is due TODAY actually! figured I might not get it in time *grin*). Too cute.

  6. ....AND...I'm hooked. Just got the baby girl onesie "a miracle happened here" for my friend that had a baby girl (aurora) last weekend. Good marketing for your friend Kim. :)