Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What? I mean, What???

Warning: I use the s-h-i-t word in this post. Get over it.

So, in case you haven't heard, Justin of "Shit My Dad Says" is getting a TV show. Wait. That doesn't provide enough explanation to elicit the "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?" response I was looking for. So here's the story (as far as I know it anyway):

A 29-year old dude named Justin lives with his 73-year old dad. His dad says shit. Justin posts the shit his dad says to his Twitter account, aptly named ShitMyDadSays (www.twitter.com/shitmydadsays). Now he has a sitcom deal with CBS.


I mean, I'll admit that I am one of his 731,509 followers on Twitter, because yeah. That shit is funny. But do I think he deserves a TV show? Heck no. Maybe his dad does, but all this guy has done is capitalize on his dad's sense of humor. I guess you don't have to create the content, you just have to have the idea. And maybe I'm just jealous that I didn't think of it first (see Passive Aggressive Notes, Spam is Poetry - also here), but come on. Really. Seriously. Wow.

It's all over the internet if you don't believe me (because if it's on the internet, it's true). Oh, and I was going to say "Is getting a TV show from your Twitter account the new getting a book deal from your blog?" - you know, all snarky-like - but then I read that he is also getting a book deal.

Seriously. This sounds like an Onion article to me. But it's true. So, so, so very true. Unless it's a big ole hoax - is it April Fools Day yet?

I think this absolutely falls under the label called 'ridiculous' on this here blog. Oof. Seriously. I cannot wrap my head around this ridiculosity.


  1. I knew about the book deal, but not the tv show. I hope it's a reality show that actually stars his Dad because as you know, I think I'm kind of in love with him. I bet his Dad is like the male version of The Fruitcake Lady from The Tonight Show. I love/want to be her when I grow up.

  2. I don't follow him but I've read a couple of his posts in the past. While its funny, I actually don't believe that his dad says half of that stuff. The slang is too current. I've yet to meet a 73 year old man who talks like that.

  3. His dad's hilarious (I'm a follower on twitter too), but enough to have a reality show? That won't end well for anyone.

  4. Junket/Bradshaw - apparently it's a scripted sitcom. Which, to me, begs the question of why they needed to buy the rights to Shit My Dad Says in the first place. Some CBS writer couldn't come up with the idea for a show where the older son has to move back in with his parents? I mean, in this economy, I'd think that would be obvious. The dad would say crazy things, because every 70-something year old sitcom man says crazy things. They're changing the title of the show (cause it can't have 'Shit' in it) anyway. Is the premise of the show going to be the dad sitting around saying crazy shit? I doubt it. I'm sure it will be a smart-ish, semi-handsome, charming guy who had to move back home after getting laid off, and the crazy antics he goes through while living with his parents. Dating, regressing to his teenage self...AND laughing at all the crazy shit his dad says. Genius. Not.

    Colette - you make a good point. I've wondered the same thing. You smart. Maybe this is all a big hoax and this Justin fellow will get the last laugh. I wonder if he's being hired on the show as a writer - maybe the whole Twitter account was started as publicity for the upcoming show. It wouldn't be that much of a stretch...

  5. I used to follow him on twitter but got kind of tired of it, actually. I'm with Colette. After reading those tweets for a while, I really believe he makes them up or embellishes BIG TIME.

    This show ought to turn out as well as the one starring the Geico cavemen.

  6. Ha. I forgot that they tried to make a show out of the Geico cavemen.

  7. Good thing I got that there degree in drama from a prestigious university, so I can finally do something with it. Namely, be justified in my outrage that some yahoo with a twitter account got a job that thousands of unemployed writers are actually qualified for.

  8. Yep. Apparently this guy is actually a TV writer already. I'm thinking the whole Twitter account has been publicity for this show all along.