Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Decorating, Part 1

Last night, we went to Target to get a Christmas tree. We're going to be out of town so much this month, I wanted to have our tree up as early as possible (without breaking my "No Christmas Before Thanksgiving" rule) so that we can enjoy it longer. Makes sense, right? Anyway, Will grew up either driving down long dirt roads to choose and chop a tree from a tree farm or actually cutting down a 15-footer from his own backyard...needless to say, going to Target is not exactly traditional. But like I always say, you just have to do the best you can with what you have. And Target had trees and decorations. We set the tree up last night, after some Leatherman-assisted branch-sawing by Will, and I rather like it. Photos below, of course.

We don't have many Chanukkah decorations, because frankly, they don't make many, but I'll be picking a few up from my parents when we're down in LA, and until then, we'll make do with the menorah and dreidle and blue/silver candy in a Chanukkah candy dish. That was a rather long sentence. Oh well.

Anyway, pictures. All taken with my Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital Elph. It's the same camera I've been using for years. It doesn't take amazing indoor photos, but it works. So just pardon the fuzziness.

The tree, right when we brought it home. $19.99, and the guy even "fresh cut" the bottom for us. It's a Douglas Fir, and it smells divine.

The piece that had to be sawed off so the tree would fit in the tree stand. Maybe I'll turn it into a wreath?

Ta-Da! Our cute little tree. I like the slightly unevenness of's not perfect, but neither are we.

My $2 Old Navy stocking (gaudy red "jewel" carefully cut off) and our multi-cultural candy dishes. The white one has pretty little Jewish stars on it. The turtle is from our trip to Kauai last year.

When you don't have a fireplace...

Decorating commences tonight!

The tree looked so pretty silhouetted in the morning light; I couldn't resist taking another picture. See you tonight, little tree!

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