Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiny Kitchens!

A while back, I had the inspiration to blog about my tiny kitchen and call out to readers to take pictures of their tiny (or not) kitchens as well. Recently, I found this old post from Smitten Kitchen about her tiny kitchen and realized I wasn't super original...but oh well.

Basically, I have a very small kitchen. This often discourages me from trying fancy new recipes because I feel like I don't have the space to spread out and make a mess (not that I enjoy messes, cause I don't). I feel like I would bake more if my flour, sugar, etc. could sit in neat glass canisters on the counter instead of being shoved precariously into the cabinet. Or if I could have pretty containers of various rices and grains, I would be more creative with my side dishes. Or something. I think, for me, it's all about the wanting what I don't have...and the decorating. I want that dream kitchen where the food acts as art. Prettily displayed pastas and oils and salts and such. Not the "hide it all in cabinets because lordy I have no counter space" philosophy.

I am realizing, however, that this may just be me making excuses. I am the Master when it comes to the Art of Justification! Is there a way to make a career out of justification and excuses? Because sign me up, I am awesome at that! Anyway, I know all of you beautiful food bloggers out there (I'm looking at you, Shanna, Elissa, Jacqui and Bria, just to name a few!) don't have professional-grade, restaurant-quality kitchens (though I am convinced that you are slightly magical). But somehow, you manage to inspire me with every recipe you post. You make such lovely creations in normal kitchens...even tiny kitchens like mine! Or maybe even smaller! Who knows?

I would like to know. And I want to reach out to all of you out there...all of you wonderful ladies and gentlemen who read this blog. Whether you are new readers or have been reading since it all began. Sidenote: I used to write about knitting a lot. That reminds me, I need to get back into knitting.

Anyway, here is what I propose: Take a picture (or several if you like) of your kitchen, and email it to kimskitchensink [at] gmail [dot] com. Whether you have a hot plate and a microwave or a full, fancy kitchen that will make me die of jealousy, I want to see where you cook. Partly because I am a little bit nosy (omg Tricia, I loved this post), but mostly because I'm hoping that seeing where other people cook will inspire me to make the most of my tiny space. If you approve, I'll compile all the photos into a slideshow which I'll post it right here on this blog, so we can all inspire each other. If you don't want your photo shared (or want it shared anonymously, or shared without a link to your blog, or shared with your full name and address - just kidding), just say so. Or don't send one. Just kidding, please send one. Photos can be taken with your fancypants cameras, or with the camera on your cell phone, I don't really care. If you want to send along the approximate measurements of the space, great. If not, that's ok too. Want to include a photo of your favorite meal to come out of your kitchen? Awesome! If not? Guess what? That's ok too.

I'll get you started with this one (albeit really old) picture, just to put you in the mood!

The Deets:
Who: You, my lovely few-but-awesome readers
What: Photos of your kitchens
Where: This here blog, the interwebs
When: Get the pictures to me by, um, December 31? I'll send out a reminder next week.
Why: Because I am curious and looking for kitchen inspiration
How: Email a picture to kimskitchensink [at] gmail [dot] com

Let's start 2010 out with some kitchen inspiration! :)


  1. I going to work on this - maybe the kitchen and I will have a photo shoot this weekend sometime. I also might included this in my FAQ next week (if I'm feeling brave) because you had asked me to see the kitchen a while ago!

  2. Be brave! I know you are... :) <3 (that's a heart)

  3. So fun! Yes, I would love to participate. I apologize in advance, though, because my kitchen is giant and amazing. HOWEVER, ahem, it is total payback to me from the universe for the crime of a kitchen I dealt with in law school. I wish I had pictures of it, because it was really something. There were two bits of counterspace, each one was about 15" by 18", and one was entirely consumed with a dish rack. A little kitchen cart from Cost Plus World Market and some bracket shelves on one wall made a world of difference. The best thing about forcing yourself to cook in a small kitchen is that it teaches you to clean as you go, because you don't have a choice. As a result of my cooking in that little space, I almost never have a big cleanup at the end because I clean, clean, clean as I go - once a dish/bowl/pan is done, it gets washed and put away (if possible, obviously not if it's still really hot).

    Anyway, I'll take some pics and send your way!

  4. Thanks, Bria! The big fancy kitchen will give me something to look forward to. Because someday I WILL have one! :) I agree with the clean as you go philosophy. There is no choice, but it makes things so much nicer!

  5. Ha! Well, you've seen mine! It can't be larger than 5x5, but I seem to manage...though I long for a huge kitchen island. I'll take a picture and send it to you!

  6. Ha! Yes, Elissa. Yours might actually win for Tiniest Kitchen! :) We shall see. I am always impressed with what you are able to do with that amount of space!

  7. Kim-
    I will most likely NOT bother with a photo because...well as we all know I also don't bother cooking much these days! But I can tell you I have lots of space...FLOOR space and a very small counter on each side of the sink! The right side holds a donated microwave and dishrack, usually overflowing and precariously balanced! The left side holds a can opener, knive block, crock of wood spoons ect. and olive oil. I try to leave that 8X12 inches of counter top for food prep, but usually have some found-on-my-daily-walk RUSTY STUFF for ART, washed and left sitting there to dry! That's it for counter space! I also have access to two thrashed old wood cutting boards (built in) and my little over-flowing table in a pinch! This place was built in 1962 so the counter is speckled cream with marroon trim, grout optional! So, there you have it...doesn't that lovely discription make you enjoy my 3-4 signature dishes even more! LOL Can't wait to see everyone's photos! Good idea Kim!

  8. Oh come on, Nancy! Your kitchen is perfect for this little project! Not a lot of space, but proof that delicious dishes don't have to from a lot of counter space :)

  9. I LOVE this! Thanks for the shout-outs! You always know how to brighten my day.

    I am totally going to participate. I will hopefully be making several pies and also my famous mutilated ginger-people in the next week or so, so I will take lots of photos of how I manage it in such a small space. But for now I must nurse the headache, earache, sore throat, stuffy nose I've got goin' on. Fun times. Super fun times.


    p.s. My word verification is "lungle" - which is pretty funny considering that is exactly what's going on in my chest right now.

  10. Oh you are welcome, Tricia! :) I am super inspired by the pie that came out of your kitchen a week or so ago! And the "bitchen"...I mean, it's amazing you cooked at all! Way to make the best out of awkward kitchen situations :)

    Feel better!

  11. hi! sorry for the late response -- i've been extremely behind on blogging and blog-reading. i feel so out of the loop lately! anyway, i'll shoot you over a photo or two of my kitchen by the year's end. i'm kind of obsessed with pictures of kitchens, also, but don't really photograph mine too often due to the lack of windows and natural light i get in mine. very fun idea, kim!

  12. Thanks, Jacqui! Can't wait to see your kitchen (windows or no) :-)