Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I haven't posted much this week, because I have been busy uploading holiday photos and getting back into Life After The Holidays (aka waking up in the morning and going, "Really? I have to get out of bed? argh.").

Today's fun topic: Biotics.

I think it is very funny that I am loading up on probiotics to counter the side effects of the antibiotics I'm taking right now. It makes sense (probiotic=opposite of antibiotic), but it still feels silly. In case you don't know, there are some...unfortunate side effects that ladies go through when they take strong antibiotics (like the kind I'm taking for those giant, red, painful, under-the-skin pimples I tend to get sometimes). Basically, as my doctor explained it to me, the antibiotics get rid of ALL the bacteria, good and bad. This means that you get *certain types of* infections very, very easily. Lady-parts are very sensitive. They do not like infections. But when you get these infections, and you have to keep taking your antibiotics (say, if it's a 1-month prescription and you are only 2 weeks into it), you have to take a bunch of probiotics to add some good bacteria back into your system. This is how my doctor explained it to me, and how I explained it to the Berkeley Bowl cashier when he asked me what probiotics were. Now don't you feel smarter?

So yeah. Now I am taking a daily probiotic pill, and eating probiotic yogurt, and also taking a one-dose megapill for the infection. Hopefully the new probiotics will battle the antibiotics and my immune system will prevail!

Aren't human bodies weird?


  1. Have you tried any topical probiotics? I've been using SK1N Probiotics and they are great!!!

  2. I was obsessed with a probiotic moisturizer until I became broke and could no longer afford it. Probiotic anythings are awesome. It's a great idea to keep taking them forever, just as good habit, to prevent the future need of antibiotics. :)

    My captcha is "couta", which I think would be a great name for one's lady parts. As in, "My couta itches!"

  3. Anonymous, I haven't tried topical probiotics yet - this is my first foray into the world of probiotics.

    Frosty, the probiotic yogurt I started eating is delicious - I might add it into my every day life! The pill is just a pill, but maybe it will make me a biotic woman! Couta. Ha.

  4. If the "probiotic yogurt formulas" or whatnot start getting expensive, you should be able to find acidophilus tablets for a more reasonable price at most Berkeley-style chemists or natural food stores. I've been taking acidophilus and antibiotics in 12-hour rotations (abx after dinner, probx in the morning) since I got on anti-acne, and so far, so good on the ladies' concerns front. (On the skin front, so far, so gross. Oh well.) Make sure you store them in the fridge, or they die!

  5. My (refrigerated - brr) probiotic pill actually has acidophilus in it! I'm taking it at lunchtime, since it has to be taken with food and shouldn't be taken within 2 hours of antibiotics (which I take at breakfast and dinner) - oof! The pill scheduling!

  6. I'm in a special supplemental place so I highly appreciate this post.

    One of my friends cannot say enough about probiotics, but I am starting slowly, with an acidophilus pill daily.

    In addition, due to my recently discovered *shockingly* high cholesterol, I am (in addition to adjusting my diet, etc.) taking a supplement my doc recommended called red yeast rice. Fingers crossed that I get a better reading when I go in next...

    Also, have you tried Clindamycin (sp?) topical lotion? My derm prescribed that over a year ago and it has REALLY helped my acne, along wtih a topical prescription strength Retin-A (I had similar issues to you... birth control has also helped).

    I hate how antibiotics cause side effects re: the lady parts. And it annoyed me that Drs (until recently) never suggested probiotics... only store-bought treatments (Monistat, etc), and who wants to go through THAT all the time? Blarg.

  7. Oh man, Julie. Clindamycin was the first thing I tried (after Clearasil and such)! Will and I used to have a dumb joke that went "ClyndaWHOcin? ClyndaMYacin!" Why we added an "a" to the word there, I don't know...probably 'cause it sounded funnier.

    But yeah, I tried Clearasil, Clindamycin, Metrogel, and I'm pretty sure there was another topical cream/gel thing that I can't remember. After the Metrogel, my doc said we should try the pill.

    I'd never heard of probiotics being used for this before (I'd only seen 'em in those Activia commercials where ladies eat it to help with digestion), so I'm excited to try it.

    Right now, my plan is: antibiotic in the morning (which I will start taking with food, because without food is making me nauseous), probiotic (a triple-generic-strain containing acidophilus) at lunch, antibiotic at night after dinner. add some probiotic yogurt in there at some point for good measure too. I also took the supermegapill (Fluconazole) last night, which should clear up the lady part situation. Oh, and some topical cream to help in the meantime (who ever came up with the word Vagisil, anyway? what an awful name!)

    We shall see!

    At first I was hesitant to post about this on my blog, but I'm pretty sure the readership is mostly ladies, except for Josh (who is a doctor, so it doesn't really matter). And anyway...yeast infections are an unfortunate part of life, and if the Berkeley Bowl (male) cashier wasn't phased by it (dude kept asking me more questions!), I don't think anyone else should be either.

    Thanks for your tips (and commiseration) so far!

  8. Hahaaa. You and Will are cute.

    Well I hope this regimen works out for you! It certainly sounds like a good plan. Yes, the Diflucan. And vagisil - geeeez, what a name.

    Preventative medicine is so important. I am learning this, after growing up in a pill-popping family (don't take that the wrong way - they just treat any little ailment with a pill - it's like the iPhone commercial, except "There's a pill for that!").

    Go you for talking about these types of things - I think it's great. :)