Friday, January 22, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Karin, who has won the Le Creuset cookware set from the first giveaway ever here on Kim's Kitchen Sink!  Thank you to everyone who entered and helped spread the word - There were over 70 comments, and even more page views throughout the days of the contest.  Wowza!

Hopefully I will have another opportunity to give something away to you fine readers!  Have a wonderful Friday!

*Contest winner was chosen by the Random Number Generator, who shows no bias or mercy!  Not sure why you would need mercy, but I thought it sounded right.  The RNG shows no mercy! Muah ha ha.

** This kind of humor could only mean that today is Friday.


  1. Hello!

    I noticed that your first winner was Karin but when I looked back in your comments I did not see a Karin. Did you mean Karmin?

  2. Hi Karmin - Sorry! I must have made a typo in my blog post. I did email you twice though, and I posted it on Twitter! So sorry! :(

  3. Somehow I never got the emails and I don't have twitter. :( Oh well.

  4. I am so sorry again, Karmin. I emailed you at bubalou88 (at) hotmail (dot) com (copy-pasted what you wrote in your comment). If you email me your address (kimskitchensink [at] gmail [dot] com), I will mail you some fresh-baked cookies!