Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti, and We Can Build an Orphanage

My parents' dear friends opened an orphanage in Haiti in 2007 for AIDS orphans. Through small donations, they have been able to give these children a home, food, education, and a chance at a better life. Help is always needed, and you can donate specific items (48 cents for a child's meal, 98 cents for a concrete block, etc) or just sums of money.

So far, the foundation is still unable to reach the orphanage to get word of how the children are doing, but funds are definitely needed. If you feel so moved, please donate via or (my family's builder page).

We need your help!

We still haven’t heard from Lia, the director of our orphanage, but we fear the worst. A hotel across the street collapsed completely.

No matter what happened to us, this earthquake is a major disaster for so many children, friends and neighbors in our town.

Please help our orphanage and the people of Jacmel by donating to our disaster relief effort! (The donation module is on the right side of this page)

Our staff will immediately buy and distribute food as they did after the hurricanes, and in the coming weeks help rebuild homes and hospitals.

Thank you for your compassion!

Martin Schmitt

You can also find out more information via their Facebook page or on Twitter, which they will be updating with news as it comes in.

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