Friday, February 12, 2010

Ah...weekend of love

Five years ago today, I met a guy named Will. It took us a month to decide whether or not we wanted to take the leap and date long-distance, knowing that we both had another year and a half left of school before we could potentially live in the same city. I'm glad we decided to go for it, because here we are, five years later, not just living in the same city, but sharing an apartment. We don't usually do anything too big and special for Valentine's Day, and I am sort of torn about the whole "one special day to celebrate how you feel" thing anyway...but this year, we both felt that we should go on a little getaway, just the two of us. It's been a little last-minute in the planning, but I am very excited about the upcoming weekend!

Tonight, we're going to watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics. Tomorrow, I'm going to get a pedicure with my lovely friend Dana while Will goes to the Cal Basketball game. And then, we head down to the Historic Sand Rock Farm for a little romantic Bed and Breakfast time; how romantical. The owner is helping us to get a reservation at a romantic little restaurant, and our room has a private entrance and access to a hot tub. A gourmet breakfast in the morning, and perhaps some wandering around the grounds (redwood grove? awesome!) before we head down to the Elkhorn Slough for a three-hour kayaking tour. I'm told there are sea lions, seals, tons of birds, and best of all...sea otters!!

After our little adventure, we'll head back to Berkeley for Will's hockey game on Sunday night. We both have Monday off (hooray!), and right now, the plan is to stay home and (finally) organize all of our books and magazines.

I'm looking forward to what looks to be a very relaxing and even slightly romantic Valentine's Day weekend! Pictures to follow...eventually.


  1. Sounds perfect! Have a wonderful time!

  2. hmm right to aptos, where peattie grew up. sounds lovely have a great vday!

  3. Delightful. :) Have a wonderful weekend together!!

  4. Ah, that sounds glorious! I'm being taken on a surprise getaway for my bday this weekend (16th of Feb) and Vday, not sure where!! Yay!

    Enjoy your trip, the place looks GORGEOUS!!

  5. Thanks, everybody! I am very excited (obviously) to get away for a little bit.

    Happy birthday Jules!

  6. That sounds absolutely wonderful! So happy for you! :)

  7. So it's Valentine's weekend and ALSO your five year anniversary?? I'm so glad you decided to do something romantic! And I hope you post all about it. Well, not ALL about it, but you know what I mean.


  8. We don't really have an "anniversary" that we celebrate (we met in February but didn't start being a couple until March; he was dating someone when we met), but it is nice to have a "we met 5 years ago today" day. :-)

    And yes, I will post about it. I have a ton of photos to upload first though...maybe later tonight?