Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Kitchen Cure

Remember how, eons and eons ago, I promised to write a post about tiny kitchens? And I asked you to send in photos of your awesomely small (or wonderfully large) kitchens? And I was going to take all those photos, put them into a slideshow, and share them on this blog?

Yeah, it's taken me a long time to get around to it. As it goes, life got in the way, over and over again, and I just haven't made good on that promise. And for that, I apologize. (I know you've all been wondering what happened to the post. Yeah, right.)  Here is an old picture of my Tiny Kitchen as a little "look! it's cute and small! don't be mad at me!" offering.

Anyway, I have just decided to partake in Apartment Therapy's Spring Kitchen Cure, which I hope will motivate me to get back in kitchen mode and finally do that Tiny Kitchens wrap-up post!

In case you've never heard of The Cure, basically (from what I can tell, anyway) it is a way to stay on top of your game if you have a project to accomplish. People join, state their goals (in my case, more organized kitchen cabinets) and The Cure sends out weekly (I think) emails with assignments. It appears that the first assignment will be to take a picture of your kitchen with all the doors open, but that hasn't been officially announced yet.

Anyway, in more detail, here are my kitchen goals:
  1. Have organized storage cabinets. There are three: the baking dishes/supplies cabinet, the misc pots/pans/tupperware cabinet, and the misc stuff cabinet (random serving dishes, big measuring cups, etc)
  2. Have an organized fridge. This will probably take 20 minutes, but I need to do it regularly. Cleaning out the food that's going bad, arranging what's good so that it actually makes sense when I look inside.
  3. Maybe maybe maybe get a second rack for the oven. It currently only has one rack, which makes for slow cookie baking and such (if there were two racks, I could double the amount I bake at one time). I haven't gotten a second one because I haven't done any research into how much this would cost, and if it's more than like, $20, I don't want to spend the money. If I owned, sure. But for this crappy rental where the landlord doesn't even fix things on time? No way. The oven also needs to be recalibrated or something I think...but I don't know if that's a me job or a landlord job. Basically, it always heats up to a temp that is way higher than what you set it at. That was a horrible sentence. But it is a horrible situation. Stupid stove. Plus, it's inconsistent, so it's not like you can just set it 50 degrees lower than you want it or something. Sigh.

Anyway, that is that. And because I am turning a new kitchen leaf, and because it feels like Spring is coming, and because that puts me into a fresh and new mood...I'm going to put one last "it's really final this time, guys" deadline on photo submissions for the Tiny Kitchen Roundup.

I have pictures from 8 of you, which is just wonderful. And to those of you who submitted them back in December, I humbly apologize for my slackitude. For the rest of you, who were maybe also lazy about taking pictures, or who didn't know about it because you're a new reader (hi!), or for whom life just got in the way, here's your chance!

Send pictures of your tiny (or not) kitchens to me, at kimskitchensink [at] gmail [dot] com. I will put them all into a little slideshow so we can all be inspired by each other and not let the size of our kitchens stand in the way of delicious meals!

Please send all photos by Friday, February 26th. That's the first day of the Spring Cure, and I think it's as good a day as any to get my act together with this Tiny Kitchen post!


  1. I REALLY need to do this. I will sign up after this.

    I will also e-mail you a picture of my tiny kitchen in the next few days. Hold me to it!!

  2. Penelope, I will hold you to that promise! :0

  3. You know, I've been meaning to send you kitchen photos. But, does it matter that I want to change almost everything about my kitchen? There are a few spaces in it that I love, so maybe I'll just photograph those. :)

  4. Thanks, Suzanne! Please do submit the photos of your tiny kitchen - even if you want to change every single thing about it! The point of this is to inspire each other and peek into the little places where other people create delicious meals. Don't worry about impressing anyone with a beautiful, renovated, perfect kitchen. Lord knows mine certainly isn't! :-)

  5. Just sent them to you!

    Happy weekend!!