Monday, March 1, 2010

The Tiny Kitchen Roundup!

Well, folks, here it is.  At long last, the Tiny Kitchen Roundup!  Thank you for sharing your homes with me, inviting me to post them to this little blog of mine, and for being patient over the last few months as I put this little thing together.

I absolutely loved getting to peek into all of your kitchens, and as I made up the little contributors list below, I realized that I am so incredibly fortunate to know all of you.  Thank you for opening your hearts up to this silly little blog, and thank you for welcoming me and my readers into your kitchens.  I was amazed - some of your kitchens are smaller than mine (as I knew they would inevitably be), and guys, if you click through to some of these folks' websites, you'll see that even a tiny kitchen can produce some amazing looking food (ok, that last one was from my blog. but hey, I was proud to have made something pretty in my tiny space...even if I had to roll the dough in the living room. PS - remember this birthday cake? I just found this post and laughed to myself. For those of you new to this blog, enjoy).

Anyway, I hope you have as much watching the slideshow as I did making it.  Feel free to click here to view all the photos in Picasa, all big-like.

The contributors (in alphabetical order, which is also how they appear in the slide show):
Alyssa, who makes and decorates some ridiculously awesome cakes (that she should post on her blog more often)

Bria has a gorgeous, not-so-tiny kitchen, and was generous enough to also share some pretty detail photos (including one of the secret photo station that she uses to take pics for her blogs)

Elissa has one of the tiniest kitchens I've seen in person, but she also makes some of the most gorgeous, creative, tasty-looking food ever.  She blogs about her culinary adventures, and even shares recipes, and the first time I saw her kitchen I was shocked at her ability to make such ridiculously awesome things in such a small space.  She puts me to shame.

Gabe and Kourtney are super eco friendly.  Gabe's blog is all about ways you can (and ways he does) go green, including in the kitchen. 

Jacqui, who takes gorgeous photos and makes food that makes your heart warm.

Josey, a new blog friend I'm happy to know.  I'm so glad you participated!

Julie, who doesn't have a blog/website (I don't think), but whom I've known forever and recently reconnected with in an awesome, internetty, bloggy way.

Junket, also a new blog friend, who is hilarious and just became a West Coast transplant.  Welcome to the Awesome Coast, lady.  Start cooking!

Kate, who doesn't have a blog, but should totally be writing hilariously about her adventures in Los Angeles relocation and dating, because she has some hilarious stories.  Actually, Junket and Kate, you live near each other.  You should meet.

Kristen, my former roommate who now lives fabulously in a big ole house in London.  Technically she and her boy are housesitting, I suppose, but it sounds pretty rad.

Lisa, the snarkiest (in a good way) chick I know, she doesn't know this, but she is pretty much one of my main sources for political news.  So, um, keep sharing stuff in your Reader, Lisa.  Also: kitchen stairs?  Wow.

Penelope is a relatively new blog buddy, and her posts are just lovely.  She is funny and charming and heartwarming and just all around sweet. 

Shanna, who, well, if you've read my blog for more than a second, you've probably heard me rave about her.  We've been blog friends for about three years, and this girl writes the most beautiful, inspirational, thoughtful posts about (delicious, gorgeous) food.  I hope it's ok that I stole these pictures from the post you wrote in response to my original Tiny Kitchens request.  I figured you wouldn't mind.

Suzanne shares some of the most ridiculously adorable Etsy finds ever.  And pics of her Small Fry, who is supercuteness.  And yeah, she's a nice lady and I'm glad we have connected recently via the interwebs.

Finally, major, major props to Tricia, who has cooked in some of the most awful kitchens known to mankind.  Because I couldn't get these into the slideshow, check out the before and after photos of one of her old kitchens on her old Flickr account.  One thing that I admire about Tricia and her husband is their willingness and ability to completely transform the apartments they rent.  I am pretty inclined to say "jeez, I don't own this place, I don't want to put any effort into improving it" (though I did paint my current place); Tricia and Michael have seriously done some awesome things to some not-awesome apartments, and I am in awe of them.

Thank you again, again, and again to all of you for sharing your spaces with me.  Many of you are folks I've never met in person, and I feel truly lucky to have connected with you and just want to give you all hugs.  I think that this roundup, plus the Spring Cure (gotta upload photos! Ack!), will motivate me to make use of my tiny kitchen!  Happy Kitchening, All!


  1. This was so fun! I love peeking into the cute kitchens. I can only imagine the yummy creations that emerge from them.

  2. Those were great! I miss my little tiny kitchen. Wait until you see the kitchen in the 1930's apartment I'm renting for a few months. It's classic and probably the strangest kitchen I've ever seen.

  3. Thanks, mom. I'm glad you had fun! :)

    And Junket, I sincerely hope you will post pictures of your new kitchen on your blog.

  4. Well done, Kim!! I loved looking at all the pictures and I got some great ideas. Thanks for doing this!

  5. I love how everyone's kitchens are SO completely different!

    It was fun to see how Bria takes her food blog pics - lighting makes all the difference!!

  6. OK this is awesome. soooo fun to watch the slideshow. way to go putting this all together!!

  7. Fun times! There really are some TINY kitches out there. And people actually cook in them! Wow. So cool. I really thought mine would be the smallest but it looks like Elissa's, Junket's and Lisa's give mine a run for its money!

    Thanks Kim, it's nice to be "internetty" with you. I received a journal with fun lists to make (and I mean fun... and WEIRD)... so I was thinking I could use it to jump-start our other project. Ahem. Cuz we haven't done anything on it and I would like to! Yay!

  8. Jules, I think that is an excellent idea. Excellent. I actually received a book like that fairly recently as well. Perhaps we should get a jump-start on that other project. Ooh it sounds so mysterious now. :-)

  9. yay! very cool. what a great idea -- i love taking peeks at people's kitchens. it can really show you a lot about a person.

  10. What a fun slideshow! Thanks for including me, Kim. I wish I had pics of my kitchen in law school, which was small and very bizarre.

    Josey - I'm glad you liked the behind the scenes shot of my photo area :) I got a speedlight last month and have been using that recently in addition to the Lowell EGO lights. Definitely critical, esp. with the fun but hard to control IKEA track lights in the kitchen ceiling.

  11. That was fun. Seriously fun. And thanks for the props, Kim! I have to give Mike all the credit. He is a master when it comes to building stuff, renovating stuff, refinishing stuff, etc. Recently he dismantled all of the doorknobs on all of our doors, removed sixty-plus years of layered paint and discovered GORGEOUS brass door knobs and plates, which he then put back onto the doors. Now all our doors are super fancy and antiquey. And we're taking the knobs and plates with us when we move. (They are so pretty.) (Maybe I should blog them.)

  12. You should definitely blog about the door knobs and plates - I want to see this!

  13. Love this post! I'm honored to be part of the kitchen roundup. And, hello, the bitchen ROCKS. Brilliant!

  14. Girrrrrrrl, I haven't made a cake to post pictures of in ages and ages, but tomorrow is big sis' b-day so ITS ON!

  15. SWEET! Will you give her a big bday hug for me?