Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm a dork

Let me preface this by saying that I am a giant dork.  Ok, now that that's out of the way...I noticed a cool Google logo thing today, and thought I'd blog about it on the off chance that someone else thinks it's cool too.  Or knows why it's so.

The Google Chrome browser has an option for "incognito" browsing. I was browsing all incognito style recently, and noticed that the Google homepage logo looked different.  I couldn't figure out what it was...was it crisper?  More bevel-embossed?  Just for kicks (and because I am a super sleuth), I checked it out in a normal Chrome browser window, and it looked all same-as-usual.  It then clicked: the incognito browser window has no shadow!  Is this because it's so incognito, it doesn't create a shadow? Eh? Eh? Maybe?  That's my theory behind the design choice.  Though that doesn't explain the brighter colors, and lighter (and not-underlined) hyperlinks to the right of and below the search box.  Also, incognito logo doesn't have the little "TM" trademark sign.  Gosh, this is like one of those "find 10 things that are different about these two pictures" games.

A comparative analysis below.  Because I was worried that it was a fluke and was going to go away, I took screenshots and slapped them into a picture.  Check check.  Or try incognito browsing for yourself and see the difference live and in your face.  I'm hoping one of my Google buddies will read this and leave a comment about the different faces of


  1. After a friend told me he didn't notice this difference, I decided to do a test. Very complicated test...I opened a new incognito window. And it's the same as the regular one. No more crazy colors and lack of shadow. Now I'm really glad that I took screenshots.

  2. ooh creepy! i like your title for this post. it's one i could use for many of mine when i ever get back to blogging.

  3. I'm glad you said "when" and not "if" because I cannot wait for the return of your blog.