Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pretty House-Type Things

I have had a number of posts saved in my Google Reader for, oh, weeks now.  At least.  I've had them saved because when I read them, I thought, "Oh that is gorgeous! I must blog it!" and then never had the time to do so.  Since I'm home sick for the 3rd day in a row, I thought I'd finally get to that.  Here you go.  A bunch of pretty pictures of other people's homes.

I swear I've posted this picture, but I saw it on Young House Love and had to (re)share.  That porch!

Rebecca Woolf and her family just moved to a gorgeous house.  They have a backyard.  With this rad umbrella.

I love this.  via Apartment Therapy

It's a little cluttery, but I like it.  via Apartment Therapy

I don't know what those black and white stools are doing in this kitchen, but I like the rest of it. via Apartment Therapy

Martha Stewart and IKEA both make colanders like the ones hanging on this wall.  I want one of my own.  Maybe one in white and one in turquoise.  Alas, I have a perfectly fine (plastic) one already.  via Apartment Therapy

Aren't these little pots just adorable? I would use them to store grains or rice or oats or beans something.  via Apartment Therapy

You're welcome.


  1. Yes, thank you! And I love love love those little flowery pots, too! Oooh!

    P.S. Hope you are finally feeling better!

  2. Glad you ladies like them!

  3. Thanks, Ron. And thanks for commenting! How'd you find my blog?

  4. Love this post! I've also been coveting one of those colanders. Trying to find a way for my trusty plastic one to have an "accident."

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I'm glad you love the pics as much as I do! And those colanders...mmm. I wish I could justify TWO colanders, but that just seems crazy right now.

  6. i wish i could upload pix on here so i could show you my seafoam green colander AND matching salad spinner. (like i've ever used either) they make great cupboard decor.

  7. I am all over the jealousy! I really want a salad spinner, by the way.

  8. once upon a time, i also had a lime green spatula set. and then the dogs found them... and it was like the world disappeared before my very eyes...