Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Givin' It All Away

Ok, not all.  But I am giving away one $25 Threadless gift certificate to a lucky reader!  If you don't know about Threadless, you should check them out.  They make nifty T-shirts and hoodies and art prints and other such things.  Goodies for men, women, and everything in between...and really cute baby/kid gear too. You know, if you are into stuff like that.

I received the gift certificate in exchange for adding the little Retailmenot coupon widget to the sidebar over there, and I thought I'd pass back the love to the people who read the blog.  Because I am incredibly generous. Also, I could not decide what to order for myself.  But mostly because I want to give back.  I'm having a serious case of the Mondays today (but thank goodness it's actually Tuesday!), and I have a feeling that a blog contest is just the thing to improve my mood.  I feel better already!

The Rules/How to Enter (because I am gonna get all fancypants up in here and try something different from the "leave a comment and get an entry" thing, so boring):

  • One entry will be given if you retweet this blog post on Twitter
  • One entry will be given if you post this on Facebook
  • One entry will be given if you post this on Buzz/Digg/Whatever other social media situation you use
  • TWO ENTRIES will be given if you link to it on your blog and say something nice (or jerky, or funny, whatever).
  • Feel free to leave a comment just to say hi or whatever, but you won't get an entry just for leaving a comment (ha ha, sorry folks. not this time.)
That's a total of  FIVE (count them, five!) possible entries per person! That's right, you can enter this contest FIVE times. I'm going on the honor system here, so once you have done any (or all) of the things listed above, head on back to this page and fill out this fancypants form to let me know. Yay!  I will pick a winner on Tuesday, June 8, so get your entries in before...oh, 8pm Pacific time.  Why June 8?  It's a week from today, and the calendar at work (made by HP) says that is "Upsy Daisy Day" and that seems like a good day for picking a contest winner!

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