Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I can't resist a list...

One thing I love about blogging is the way it connects me to lots of wonderful folks I would not otherwise know.  I think we've all been writing about this sort of thing lately, thanking the Great Internet for introducing us to our newfound friends (many of whom we have never met in person).  Maybe it's the lovely weather, maybe it's just that time of year, maybe sentimentality is contagious...I don't know.  But I do know that I am grateful to my little blog community.  Even when they make me do things like what I'm about to do.

Yes, friends.  It's a chain-blog.  Somehow, being called out and linked to (Thanks, Josey!) makes me feel like I can't just ignore it.  Ah, the guilt.  ;-)

Anyway, these are the rules (or the letters?) as copied from Josey's blog:
A - List 7 habits/quirks/facts
B - Tag 7 people to do the same
C - Don’t tag the person who tagged you or tag “Whoever wants to do it”

And here goes...
  1. I eat dessert almost every night, usually ice cream.  I try to limit my dessert intake to the post-dinner bowl of deliciousness, but sometimes I sneak a cookie or chocolate covered espresso bean (or 10) in during the day. 
  2. I really, really like creating training guides.  Really.  I have made one for every job I have ever held, whether it was presiding over a high school club or assisting executive directors of engineering.  I even made one when I left Pixar after only six weeks on the job.  Yeah.  I have also made a "guide to la la land" for friends who move to Los Angeles.  
  3. I often make "what's in my kitchen" dinners, where I throw together some sort of meal based on what I find in the fridge/cupboard. Usually it is some sort of pasta with a creative sauce.  Always it is delicious.
  4. I grind my teeth.  I think I do it more than I realize.  It annoys me whenever I catch myself doing it, and I give myself a little scolding.
  5. I cannot stand ink on my skin.  I was never one to write notes on my hands, and I cringe when I have to get a hand stamp upon entering a club or bar.  And I always scrub it off as soon as I get home (sometimes I do it at the bar; I know this defeats the purpose of the stamp, but nobody ever checks once you're inside).  One place I went to used a sharpie to mark a giant on my hand and I almost cried.
  6. I also do not like stickers on clothing/skin - I have always been this way.  When I was a kid, I remember asking my teacher to put my sticker on a piece of paper instead of on my shirt.  I think I did the same thing for stamps (on a paper instead of on my hand), but my mom will have to verify that.  I bet they all thought I'd grow out of that. HA! I sure showed them!
  7. I like making lists, and I am insanely organized...except when I am a total slob. I love for things to be perfectly organized and beautiful and Real Simple and all that, but sometimes I just let piles build up on the couch.  I'm trying to work on the whole consistent maintenance thing so the piles don't stress me out, but mostly I am too tired and just let them build up until I can't stand it and do a mad dash of cleaning and organizing.

So there you go.  A lovely little list of 7 things about me.  Fun on a Tuesday evening :)

Here are my 7 Lovely Ladies of Choice...do it if you want, don't do it if you don't want. 
  1. A Serious Girl
  2. Food Loves Writing
  3. Between the Words
  4. Shonelley Belly Laughs
  5. The Painted Peach
  6. Happy Jack Eats
  7. Rag and Bone


  1. Lol, I like this little chain blog just because it helps you know quirky things about each other that we might not actually blog about otherwise. :)

    BTW, I LOVE ice cream, and I can totally identify with #7. I'm super duper type A about most of my life....and then I just let one area SLIDE and it stresses me out until I finally decide to take control again.

  2. Hey, Kim!!! So ong no see. In case you don't remember me, I was your Spanish TA, at UCLA, centuries ago.

    I love how you write!

    From time to time I check your blog and have a blast =)

    What's up with you? Well, I think you should be writing lots of stuff. But being a writer is hard, so I guess you are up to something else as well.

    I'm in CHile now, starting my dissertation (which I already hate...).

    You should come here and ORGANIZE my life!!! I would totally appreciate it hahahaha =)

    Well, hon, hugs from the bottom of the world!!!

  3. Wow! Hi Pilar! Of course I remember you :-) I'm so glad you check in and read the blog. Wish I could help you organize your life ;-) Congratulations on starting your dissertation!! That's big news!

    And Josey, well, you just make me smile, that's all. :-D

  4. I was always the same way with stickers, but for probably a different reason--while I didn't hugely mind having them on my clothing, I wanted to keep them. And as every 4-year old knows, once the sticker gets t-shirt fluff on it, it's as sticky as any other circle of paper. I tried gluing them to my sticker collection sheet when they were too shirty to adhere on their own, but somehow it just felt wrong.

    For the past few weeks I was working on a piece of theatre at this neat night-club/art gallery/theatre venue joint under London Bridge Station, and before they opened the doors to the public all the crew had to have our wrists stamped--interestingly, a slightly different stamp each night--and while I never minded the act of being stamped, the ink itself was always a bit...eurgh. In that "oof, now I have to be careful to not brand my clothing" way. Nuisance.

  5. How funny - I definitely used to make "sticker books" of all sorts...some were literally just booklets where I put all my stickers, but some were storybooks that I created using stickers as the illustrations. :)

  6. Can you teach me how to do the "what's in my kitchen" dinners? I really suck at those...

  7. yeah....since i can't keep up on my blog, i'm going to have to pass on this one. which reminds me, you're overdue for a post yourself!

  8. Lettie - Of course! I usually just take whatever veggies are on their last legs and throw them into a stir fry or a pasta sauce (or into a salad or on top of a pizza). I think I've blogged about my "throw it in a dish and bake it" meal too...basically, throw whatever meat, veggies, etc. you have into a baking dish with little chunks of stale bread and lots of cheese (and some herbs and spices), and bake it at about 350 for like half an hour or so. Usually turns out fabulously.

    If you're stuck, a good way to start is with http://www.supercook.com. You can type in things you have in your kitchen and it will show you recipes.

    And Shonelle, I know I'm overdue. Things have been a bit busy, and I just got back from 5 days out of town, but I'll be back in the blogosphere soon! :-)