Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mid-Pack Update

As the weekend comes to a close, I thought I'd provide a little photo update of the rest of the weekend's process.  We've packed the entire living room, as well as most of the kitchen.  What's left in the kitchen now is stuff we'll use this week, so there wasn't much we could do about it.  Can't very well pack every single dish a week before you move, can you?  :-)

Things still to pack:
  • linen closet (yikes)
  • coat closet (yikes, but it really shouldn't take more than 10 minutes)
  • bedroom (just the shoes, top-of-the-dresser stuff, and desk stuff really - clothes will all go into wardrobe boxes, thank goodness)
  • kitchen (a few baking things, plates, bowls, glasses, plus food)
  • bathroom (um, does throwing shampoo and towels into a box count as packing?)
We have all week to finish after work, except for Friday, when I'll be at the Cal Women's Huddle.  Will reminded me that even though the movers arrive at 8:30am on Saturday, we can still pack last-minute things (power cords, last-minute kitchen items, etc) while they're starting to load the truck.  

The good news?  The disaster zone is no more!  T-minus-5-days-till-moving-day-omigod!

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes!


  1. Aaaahaha! Look at you go! You're amazing!

    We spent another 4 people-hours on Saturday (2 people worked for 2 hours for a total of 4 people-hours), and on Sunday we worked another 15 people-hours, and we still have SO MUCH TO DO. How did you manage it??

    Also, we're out of boxes. Need to make another trip to the corner store, corner pharmacy and someone's trash pile.

  2. ach! moving is so hideous! but it looks like you have it all under control chica!

  3. ASG - we probably spent about 2-3 hours (so 4-6 people hours?) on Saturday, and then another on Sunday. Both days went a little like this: sleep in until 11 or so. Eat leisurely brunch. Sit on couch to digest. Around 1 or 2, start packing. Around 4pm, stop for a lunch break. Maybe do one more box later. I really thought it would take a lot longer than it did (I was envisioning having to wake up at 9 and pack all day long). Packing with two people is definitely easier than packing with one! I do think we have more left than we think I'm envisioning an early morning scramble (and I'm not talkin' about eggs) when the movers arrive.

    FaFG - It is hideous! That's a good word to describe it :)

  4. Wardrobe boxes? Are your clothes being flown to Milan?

    I really hope I don't have to move any time soon. Like, this decade. I like my little house quite a lot. If we get any confirmation from our landlords as to them making concrete plans to stay in Guadalajara fo' keeps I'm going to do some work on it, like re-finish the dining room set, paint the walls, buy a new fridge, uproot the huge ugly cedar that takes up half the garden (and the huge holly that drops pain everywhere)...what i'd Do if this was my home!

  5. Haha - the clothes are only going about 5 miles. The wardrobe boxes apparently come standard with the movers (they provide, you use, they take). I've never done it like this before (usually we just put hanging clothes in upside-down trash bags and on the back seat of the car or something), but it sounds highly convenient!