Friday, August 6, 2010

BlogHer 2011?

So.  In the last couple of years, I have become aware of this little thing called BlogHer.  This year, the annual conference is allupinmyface, because I read AimingLow, and those chicks are all over BlogHer2010, and I follow them on Twitter, and they won't shut up about how awesome it is.  I love it, I do.  But I am kind of crazyjealous that I'm not there.

I just found out (thanks, Berzerkeley) that they've announced that tickets are on sale for next year's conference.  Which will be in San Diego.  Which is much closer to me (and in theory, much more affordable) than is New York (where the conference is this year).  I am seriously considering going.

I know I'm not a famous blogger, and I don't make money off my blog, and I don't have any awesome sponsors paying me to promote them (yet!), but I did do two of those CSN Giveaways, so I feel a little bit special.  Not that you need to be special to attend - there are no rules about number of readers or endorsement deals or whatever.  Anyone can go as long as they pony up the money (from $75-$600 depending on who you are and when you sign up).  Which brings me to the next point.

Even though this isn't for another year, and Early Bird (read: discount) pricing doesn't end until late February, I am still not sure I can afford it.  I mean, for me (I'd want to do the full two days, and I'd register early) it would be $200.  That's two hundred dollars, to attend a blogging conference for women.  Which, don't get me wrong, seems totally worth it.  But I am still cheap, and not making a lot of money, and have to pay for things like rent and bills and food.  And that 200 buckaroos doesn't include the hotel or airfare or dinner (though um, cocktails count as dinner, right?).  Even though I will definitely start saving and budgeting (and hopefully freelance-writing) to allow for this, it would certainly help to have a little extra money coming in from somewhere.

So.  Here's my question.  Is it totally tacky to post a "Send Me to BlogHer 2011" donation button on my site and take donations through PayPal?  I'm not sure how that would all work for tax purposes or anything (does it count as business income if it's a donation?), and I don't even know if anyone would even contribute a dollar, but honestly, every little bit would help. Realistically, this could end up costing me over $600 ($200 conference, $200 hotel, $200 flight, plus extra food and stuff), and it's not like I'm made of money.

If you would be so kind as to fill out this quick survey, I would be very, very grateful.  You might have to click through to the site if you are using a feed reader.  Sorry.

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