Sunday, September 12, 2010

Can Anyone Identify?

It's almost time to decorate for Fall (and y'all know how I love that), and I have at least three recipes I want to try like, yesterday, but I cannot focus on that because we still have a few boxes to unpack.  I just can't bring more stuff into the house (or take decorations out of their boxes) until there are clear surfaces on which to put them.  I have a pile of papers to file, and stacks of things to go through, and right now, the idea of decorating for Fall makes me feel more stressed than excited.  This does not a happy me make.

I think the next few nights after work are going to be spent cleaning, decluttering, and cleaning some more.  Figuring out where some stuff is going on the walls and putting it there.  It's time, people.  It's time.

Am I the only one (aside from you, mom) that needs to get fully settled (and cleaned up) to really feel relaxed and comfortable?  Is it weird that I feel like I can't embrace the tiny pumpkins without feeling stressed out, simply because we have boxes to unpack and stuff on the tables?  I just don't want to bring anything else into a messy house, if that makes sense.

But ah...Fall decorations just make me so damn happy...seeing those adorable little gourds and stalks of wheat in the grocery store might just be the motivation I need to get this shiz done already.

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  1. I completely identify. I can't relax at all until everything is unpacked and in its proper place. Cardboard castle = Unhappy me. Which is why I intend to take a full week off of work when we move, so that I can do it all at once. Which is also why we'll be living with my folks until I know I can schedule a full week off from the new job. Luckily, I have very patient and kind folks.