Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello, Custom Domain!

At long last, I have upgraded my domain name.  What was once is now the much simpler  And thanks to Google, it was supremely easy.  File this one under "These are the reasons I love Google."  Also under "It was really that easy?" and "It was cheap!" and "I am one happy camper."

I've been thinking of making this switch for some time, but was too lazy or intimidated or something to actually do it.  I thought it would be complicated, and expensive, and hey, what's so bad about having "blogspot" in the url of your blog anyway?  The tipping point?  I'm going to be attending some bloggy networky types of events soon, and I'm making some fancy business cards so that I can connect with other bloggers or potential sponsors or people who want me to review their products or who want to give stuff away to you guys.  Because that sounds like fun.  Anyway, the blogspot-inclusive url was too long to fit on the card, and it looked messy, and I think I'm ready to step it up a notch (is that even a phrase?).  Go blog.

If you blog using blogger and you want a custom domain, just read the instructions here.  It was seriously as easy as telling Google what name I wanted, agreeing to pay $10/year, and waiting about 15 minutes for it to become active.

If you read this blog via RSS feed, you may need to update your feed subscription. I think it should still work as-is (that is, if you were subscribed before, you should still get the feed without having to change anything), but I don't know for sure.  Let me know if you have problems and I'll figure it out.

But hey! What about those events you mentioned?  Why, do you want to join me?  Ok!

  1. BlogHer Holiday Meetup (San Francisco, December 7, 2010)
  2. FoodFete  (San Francisco, January 17, 2011)
  3. BlogHer 2011 (San Diego, August 5-6, 2011)!
Are you attending any of these?  Let me know!

PS - know what else is new this week?  Disqus!  We launched v4 of our website and's a complete overhaul, and it's pretty exciting.  Personally, I like the sweet, interactive design element on the new homepage, because I am easily amused.  The backend and admin changes are also great though - for complete info on the new stuff, read our CEO's blog post.  If you're not using Disqus for commenting on your site, and you want to, what are you waiting for?  It's pretty easy to set up, and our customer service team is supremo excellente if you have troubles.  Plus, I can see them from my desk. 

And that's all, folks!


  1. Disqus is Junket Juice approved. Also, I think I want to go to Blogher too! Wanna carpool or something like that?

  2. I'm one of your numerous readers. And I'm glad that at last ... I was able to comment on your blog. Keep it up!