Monday, December 27, 2010

Look, I made a hat

Starting on a hat..
Finishing a hat...
Look, I made a hat...
Where there never was a hat

Oh Sondheim, you're always there for me with an appropriate quotation.  Even when it really doesn't have much to do with what I'm actually saying.

A while ago, I mentioned that I was knitting a hat for Patternworks’ Chemo Cap donation project.  It was a new pattern for me, and while it wasn’t super difficult, there were aspects that required some thinking (I had forgotten some ribbing details, like whether to start with a knit or a purl stitch at the beginning of each row…I really need to remember that better). I thought I’d share some pictures, because I think it turned out really well.

The hat.  I really like how the border looks a little knobbly.

They say when you make something by hand, you're supposed
to leave a mistake.  This shows God (or something) that you
don't think you're perfect. I think. I just made a mistake and
didn't know how to fix it. Plus, a little error brings the handmade,
humanelement to it, right?
Love the way it looks from the top.

I even think it looks cool inside out.

All ready to send!  And yes, I sent it on time!


  1. Does it count if you make lots of mistakes, but it's such fuzzy yarn (eyelash, I think it's called?) that you can't see them?

  2. Kim!! That looks awesome. I vote you hold a blog contest and give one away. And tell no one but me. ;)