Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everybody's Resting for the Weekend

3 Day Weekend! Hollaaaaaa!

I have been looking forward to this three day weekend for quite some time.  We've been out of town the last three weekends in a row, and while it's been lovely to take some mini-vacations up to Lake Tahoe, I am wiped.  You don't tend to sleep in much when you're waking up in the morning to head to the slopes (even if you're not a skier). We haven't been grocery shopping in almost a month, and there are piles  I look around the condo and I see laundry.  And boxes.  And papers.  And y'all know that when my space is cluttered, my brain feels cluttered.  I love a clean, organized space, and it stresses me out to live in a mess.

Nothing like a rainy day to get cozy and nest!
So I've been looking forward to this.  I planned on sleeping in this morning, and while  I ended up waking up at 9,  I happily spent most of the day lounging on the couch in my PJ's, watching movies with Will, and just enjoying the feeling of sitting still.  We did a bit of cleanup this afternoon, and now that we've gotten a good start on it, I look forward to waking up tomorrow and tackling the rest.

I enjoy the whole "it's cold outside; I'm going to burrow inside my little home and let my homebody flag fly" thing (that's a thing, right?).  And I like how when it rains, our patio gets all crazy flooded, but the water stops about two feet from the door (see pic).  It stops just before the little couch, which is convenient.  I think there must be a slight slope upwards towards the door.  Anyway, I think it's funny.  Like a little force field or something.

Will is going on a little two-day ski trip (yes, this is his 4th weekend in a row!) so I'll be all by myself for the next two days.  And honestly?  I'm looking forward to it.  I'm kind of excited to have the place to myself to power through some crazy cleanup.  There's something about deciding to do it that gets me motivated, and somehow I find myself less motivated when Will's home.  When he's home, I am definitely more likely to give in to lounging, snuggling on the couch watching our DVR'd shows.  Perhaps because he's not necessarily the one who gets that "Yeah! Let's Clean!" bug.  Perhaps because I like to be all "SURPRISE! See how awesome it is in here now?" when he gets home (this usually does get a good reaction, believe it or not).  Perhaps because it's just a little "me" time, and this is what I like to do in my "me" time.

For the record (because I love lists as much as I love a clean house), here's what's on the agenda for this weekend:
  • laundry - 3 loads done tonight! Two loads done yesterday! Will probably do another load on Monday, but the hamper is officially back to normal!
  • unpack from Tahoe - done! (now, Will is re-packing for tomorrow's trip, but still)
  • grocery shopping
  • dishes - dishwasher is almost full, and as soon as the dish rack items dry, I'll be doing another load.
  • pedicure - I need it!
  • lunch at Homeroom?
  • clear piles of mail from kitchen counter - moved to His and Hers piles on the kitchen cart (in the dining room), but at least they're not in the kitchen anymore!
  • clear dining room table
  • clear pile next to dining room table
  • clear piles on coffee table, fold blankets on the couch
  • Super Secret Monday Project
  • take large boxes down to recycling
  • take out trash
  • clean bathroom (sink, toilet, tub, mirrors)
  • do something about "the island" - the pile of boxes we moved to make room in the living room on New Year's Eve, which is now in the bedroom, between the bed and the closet, which means I have to walk around "the island" to get to the closet, which is getting old.  Commas!

Niecy is full of sass.
And side note - Clean House just came on the tv.  Kismet?  Happenstance?  Clever scheduling?  I'll take it.  Niecy Nash is wearing a sassy, highlighter-hot pink dress, and I am loving her.  Also, seeing these omghoarderswhoarealsokindacrazy people makes me feel a whole lot better about my mess.  But it also makes me want to clean up and not have any spec of mess anywhere.  

Boom! Niecy, that is some décolletage.

Niecy and her crony laughing it up at with the messy people.
I don't ever want to be one of the messy people.
I may have a small complex.

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