Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mark. It Down

Ok, that title was weird. But my friend Alyssa is not weird. And this post is about her. And Mark. Which she sells. She contacted me recently to see if I'd be interested in hosting an online party on my blog, and duh, a way to hook people up with free stuff and share the love, helping my friend and her side business? Sign me up!

In her own words:
I "met Mark." a little over 2 years ago though a friend of mine. My initial thought was that it was good quality makeup that was a heckova lot less expensive than the products I was buying at specialty stores. So, I dove right in and became a rep after only buying a set of eyeshadows. Over the last two years, I feel like I've watched Mark. grow up. They started out primarily catered to high school and college kids, but now have really transformed and improved their quality of their products ten fold. Every time I log on I find something I am excited to share with other people. The other day I went to lunch with some of the ladies in my family and probably spent too much time gushing about my adorable new earrings that "came in a set of 3 for only $18!!!" I can really stand behind the products I'm selling and I hope that you love them as much as I do!

Aforementioned web party includes a raffle and prizes and such for y'all. Fun!

The details:

  • If you go to her site and register, you're automatically entered to win either a cute cosmetics bag or fruity lip gloss. Plus, she'll send you free samples!
  • If you spend $15, you're automatically entered to win another raffle! This one is for a gift pack, valued up to $40 (including the cosmetic bag, two eyeshadows and a case, plus a "hook up" with black mascara and a glow baby glow lip gloss).
  • For every additional $15 you spend, you'll receive an additional entry!
  • Everyone who spends $30 will automatically get a free gift from Alyssa!
  • And there are other deals going on right now toowith any $15 skincare purchase, you get a free Midi Cosmetic Bag, and when you purchase the Sassy Fragrance Mist, you get a free Sassy Dry Oil Mist! Woohoo!
So there you go! Free stuff (albeit some with purchase)! If you're interested, check it out. The products are really good, and I've known Alyssa for oh...16 years? She's good people.

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