Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Talk About House Lust!

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So. As you know, the apartment hunt continues.  I've taken to repeatedly refreshing the Rockridge/Claremont section on Craigslist, just in case something pops up before PadMapper emails me (PadMapper emails once per hour).  I've even taken to not putting in a maximum price range, because apparently I'm a masochist and I like to torture myself with listings we absolutely cannot afford (where's the parallel for my dating analogy here?) - a lovely pastime to be sure, but not one which is entirely productive.

Never mind, though. Because I found a house so lovely I can literally feel my heart leaping into my neck and dropping quickly into my stomach when I remember that we can't afford it (somehow I trick myself into forgetting temporarily as I look at the pictures and imagine living there).

I think I'll just share pictures, because if I talk about it anymore, I'll just...well, I'll just keep gushing. About a house I never should have clicked on in the first place, because lordy, we do not have $3,500 a month to spend on rent (but seriously, that's it?! For this amazing looking house?!?) *Note: We definitely don't need a house. Can I just reserve this one for a few years down the line?*  *Other note: I absolutely do have a file that I keep of houselust/inspiration*

Without further ado, the dream house:

picture-perfect craftsman, and check out that arbor!
living room with great built-ins, fireplace, windows...
more built-ins...
one of 3 bedrooms...look at those floors!
another bedroom. staged just beautifully, no?
spacious kitchen. our kitchen cart would look perfect in there.
the back bedroom (could be a lovely den/office)
built-ins. i love them.
deck, leads down to yard and garage.

It's love. Dangerous, dangerous love.


  1. love it :(

  2. I'll take it! 

  3. We have the same taste in homes. Read: excellent!

    I love this house. But loving other houses makes me feel like I'm cheating on mine. I guess I'm a house slut.

  4. If you had the $3500 for rent a month, you might as well buy it at that point. That just about pays for the mortgage. But then again, I'm not including property taxes and insurance in that number. :P FANCY.

  5. Just curious (aka masochistic), how much would a home like that cost in your

  6. Yeah no kidding. Especially since it's rent to own ;)

  7. With 1+ bath and only 1,200 sq feet, I'd guess it would be around $130-150,000.

  8. I LOVE that deck. I wish I had a deck like that. Maybe if I start calling my patio a deck, it will transform?

  9. Yikes! It's $650K! That's high!

  10. It so amazing and beautiful