Saturday, September 17, 2011

Planning a Wedding

So we've been engaged for just about three weeks now, and since we've decided on a February 2012 wedding, the planning has begun in earnest!

My superawesome friend Aly has volunteered to be our wedding planner, and she made this crazy organized Google Docs spreadsheet (based on the Martha Stewart wedding planning guide, I believe) full of to do items and vendor organization and so many things to think abut that I would not have remembered.  She's great, and we are so lucky to have her around.  Aly, I love you.

We have two weekends in mind, and are planning a snowy wedding in Tahoe (ceremony outside, reception inside).  Yay snow! Pretty! Magical!  I've started some inspiration boards on Pinterest, to collect ideas and start seeing what we might like (so far we're really into the mason jars with candles, especially in the snow).  Check 'em out if you like!  It's all very fun!

Of course, there is the stress of wedding planning, realizing how much things cost and trying to figure out what we can cut back on (Reed and I are going to be knitting and crafting up a storm this winter!).  I never thought I'd be a stressed out bride, but here we are only 3 weeks in and I'm finding myself narrowly avoiding panic attacks, mostly around the sticker shock of how much things cost.  Luckily, Will keeps me grounded. At the end of the day, we're going to get married and that's all that matters.  :)

Anyway, people have been asking for updates, and that's where we are so far!  Checking out venues and trying to get an idea of per person costs so we can finalize the guest list.  Gathering ideas and talking about what kind of wedding we want to have.

Only 4.5 months to go! Eep!


  1. Fun fun!!! I LOVED planning my wedding, but I'm Type A like that. ;) My biggest piece of advice - do NOT skimp on the wedding photographer. You'll only do this once, and you'll look back on those pics the rest of your life. It's worth every penny to get the person you want (and to get the rights to all of your photos so you don't have to pay to develop anything in the future). 

  2. Dude, the photographer is the only aspect of the wedding that I have locked down already. :) Hooray for a friend who is an amazingly talented wedding photographer. (Hi, Emily)

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  4.  A winter wedding sounds magical! Will you be wearing a capulet or a shawl with your wedding dress? I've seen pictures of brides with a colorful scarf or top and it looks great.

  5. Yeah - one of my bridesmaids and I are talking about stuff to knit (she is an expert). Super excited!

  6. I love your inspiration boards - the pine cones and candles, etc = SO cute :)
    Also, I came across some nice jars in my house today and thought about how I could get them to you. :D

  7. Thanks, Lyssa! I got some good ideas from your wedding too :)

    And if you save jars, I can totally pick them up at Thanksgiving or Chanukkah!

  8. :) you're a planning extraordinaire! 4.5 months does not seem like enough time, but i know you can do it. 

  9. eek.  All of this makes me want to cover my ears and hide under a table. I can't even bring myself to set a date.  Boy and I are scheduled to give notice at the registry office (a legal requirement in the UK) on November 23rd. The Banns are valid for up to 1 year, and in the case of non-EU residents, must be given at least 1 month prior to the ceremony. UK and EU residents must give at least 1 week, and I think they can just do walk-ins. I had to schedule mine, and this was the earliest appointment available. I could do it as early as Christmas (yuck for travelling family) or as late as June (expensivetime) before I get into potential-visa-expiry-zone once the spousal visa begins processing (which typically takes around 6 months, but has been known to take longer.) I was thinking April 14, until I noticed two very important things: 1. the day before that is a Friday the 13th; and 2. that's the day the Titanic sank. So perhaps not.  Maybe May. I wanted April because that's when the tulips are in bloom, but that may change depending on the winter. I just looked back through my old blog posts and I posted photos of tulips on April 21 but was commenting that they had already faded by this time. Hmm... Sorry, yeah.  You get along with the fun details, I'll keep plugging away at point 1.

  10. Thanks :) I actually think it will be plenty of time, since we're not going too crazy with the fancy details. Though I did just see that some dresses take 4-6 months to order. Good thing I'm going shopping next month!!

  11. My goodness.  Know what doesn't sound like fun?  All of that business.  Talk about taking the romance out of getting married, eh?  I like April 14! Screw the Titanic and Friday the get married whenever you damn well please (pending country approval, naturally)!  :)

  12. Just did a search as my boyfriends birthday is the 14th...BUT Titanic sank on the 15th is what I saw.
    As far as the mom and both of my kids were born on the 13th...I rather like that date!!!  :)