Sunday, November 27, 2011

Engagement Photos!

Oh jeez.  Has it really been two weeks since I posted the sneak peek of our engagement photo session?  (yes. the answer you are looking for is yes.)

The ever-wise Tricia pointed out that we are planning a wedding during Holiday Season - and I'll add that it is also during Open Enrollment and Benefits Renewal Season (HR people, can I get a what what? This is a little bit of work, no?).  We might be a little bit nuts to be planning this wedding so quickly, and in such a busy time of year, but honestly I like it this way.  I like that I don't have to wait a year (or more) to marry Will.  I hardly want to wait until February (luckily, the sentimentality of getting married the weekend we met helps a sap like me when it comes to waiting).

Anyway, we were lucky enough to be able to find time to take our engagement photos with Emily before the craziness of the holidays, and I am pleased as punch to be able to share some of our photos with you.  Emily wrote a beautifully sweet post on her blog about our session (as she always does for her clients, because she's fantastic).  Check it out, and check out her other posts, her other galleries, her beautiful website.  Because she is one talented photographer.

And now, photos! I'll probably post a couple more pictures when I get the CD from Emily...just because they're all so great and it's impossible for me to choose just a few favorites (and I can't figure out how to insert from the main gallery without purchasing them right now, and the full CD is coming soon).

For now, these are some of my "they give me the warm fuzzies" favorites from Emily's post:

Always good to start a photo shoot with Fenton's.

Go Pens!

We had so much fun running around Berkeley, taking photos in some of our favorite spots, acting goofy and laughing a lot.  Can't wait for Em to take pictures on our big day :)


  1. What beautiful photos! I'm so glad you two did this. I hope you frame a whole bunch of them! xox

  2. Awesome pictures.  Congrats.

  3. I heart your matching jackets. 

    Also, the one where you are being blown away by your umbrella is my favorite. :)

  4. Thanks :) We totally didn't buy the matching jackets on purpose or at the same just worked out that way! And once we had them, and it was raining, I mean...duh.

  5. They are such a lovely couple. Everything could be change by love.

  6. Omg I love these photos!!