Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back. Here. Ici. Present. Home.

Ok, you found me. I'm back. I tried to hide for a few days; with the sleepy weight of jetlag and the busy days catching up at work, it wasn't too hard. But enough public online (and gchat) pestering, and I feel obligated to provide a small "Oh yeah, I'm back, and I didn't even really tell you I was leaving" update :)

Somehow, in the final sweep of honeymoon-preparedness (both at home and at work), I "forgot" to mention that Will and I were about to embark upon a 24-day honeymoon in Europe. Oops! Apologies.

I'm back now, and though the pictures have yet to be sorted and edited and re-sorted for public consumption, I wanted to offer a little taste of our travels. To whet your appetite for the surely disappointing blog posts that will inevitably start off strong and then peter off when life gets busy once again. I mean, I'm pretty sure that I stopped a journal entry before the final week of our trip (like stopped mid-sentence) and never finished it...oops again.

No more excuses though.  Just a little sharing because you've been asking, and because it's fun to share. Soon I hope to (re)turn to the blog posts of yore, of home projects still to be completed, and organization/cleaning projects that make our house look happy and clean and comfortable. For picture from each city we visited. These photos don't sum up the entirety of each locale (for that, they will each get their own post), or even necessarily give a broad representation of each place (you wouldn't see most of these on the cover of a guidebook for that region), but they do give you a little preview of something fun that happened, and hopefully they'll make you want to read more. If not, just ignore these posts and skip to the more enthralling posts about Tupperware and cooking mistakes.



Cinque Terre

PS - To everyone who helped to make Roger a possibility while I was away, whether through donations or spreading the word, I cannot thank you enough.  More on this project to come, but for now, please accept my gratitude.


  1. oooooh - can't wait to hear all about the trip!

    so glad the book is happening as well!

  2. Going to different places and having to eat different types of meals is the best way to enjoy life.

  3. Thanks for sharing your memorable trip. The places you visited is one of my dream destination.  Hope to see more pictures from you.

  4. Interested to hear about your trip. A little miffed that you came all the way here but neglected to drop by London. While I think Ben and I were getting ourselves married at the time, it would have been nice to see you. Sad.

  5. I know...we had to cut out so many places we wanted to visit (Ireland, Spain, South of France, Eastern Europe...the list goes on), and we prioritized places we'd never been. I do believe you were getting married at the time - in fact, I believe I mentioned it to Will. Sooooo we WERE thinking of you! So close, and yet so far...