Saturday, June 16, 2012

Too many garden photos...

...but whatever. Let's take a little tour of the garden in its current state, shall we?

The Anise and California Poppies are doing
well. The tall poppies and anise shot up a
good 3-4 inches in the last week! A couple
of the poppies are smaller, and look weak,
but they have little flowers, so who knows?
The lemon tree was looking droopy and the
leaves were yellowing, which we realized
could be from overwatering. We are letting
it dry out a bit, and it seems to have perked
up a little in the last couple of days. 
The rose bush, which we staked to the wall
during my birthday garden party, is climbing
nicely. See it peek into the office window?
The little blue button (or whatever) flower
has a couple of little buds!
Tomato Row, with a giant freaking marigold.
Seriously, that thing has grown so tall and
has yet to falter -- it's like, freakishly strong!
Spinach is not looking so hot; it's still got
these dry spots, and a couple caterpillar
holes (though I think the caterpillars are
gone, after my spray down rampage). 
Squash is going nuts; it's huge and basically
taking over the middle of the garden (duh).
I counted 3 blossoms and a couple of buds!
Strawberries...oh strawberries...what
happened? After the squirrel stole the 3 berries
that were showing up, it just hasn't looked good.
Slightly blurry beans. Some yellowing leaves, but otherwise
they look good. It's going to be time to tie them to the
fence soon. How long before we get beans?
Oh sweet peas. I'm sorry I planted you behind
the tomatoes and the tomatoes grew faster
than you did. I don't know if I can save you. 
Parsley looks good, with a random flower
that popped up in the middle (see the purple
dot?). Tomatoes and basil behind! Nasturtium
popping up through the fence, naturally. 
Cucumber plant leaning towards the sun. I don't know how
this one's going to do, honestly. It's not growing at nearly
the same speed as the squashes (squash? today we decided
that the plural of squash should be squosh) are, though it
gets almost the same amount of sun (I think. Less, but I don't
think a LOT less).
The rainbow chard is coming back from its
caterpillar disaster, but not as quickly as I'd
like it to. Come back, rainbow chard!
The kale is doing well, though the leaves are
pretty narrow? Narrower than the ones you get
at the store, I think? Still, they are strong and
grew back well after I picked a bunch last week.
You can kind of see the peppers behind/to the
right of the kale, which are getting taller but
I have no idea if/when we'll get peppers. 
Garden overview shot. Sunflowers to the right, standing tall.

Note: I took these pictures before watering, so everything looks pretty dry. Any questions about my garden? Advice about the spinach (or anything else)?  Let me know!  :)


  1. I just have one big question--do your neighbours mind that you're growing a rose bush over their window? I hope that's a closet or something.

    Your garden looks lovely! I didn't get any peppers either, but I think I put them out too early last year. Silly me, planting in May, when we still get frosts in June. For crying out loud it is stupid cold here. I didn't do any planting this year--the wedding kinda distracted me during planting season, and then the weather got really bloody weird. England declared a drought at the beginning of April, right, driest spring in twenty years, no reserves it proceeded to chuck it down for the next two months solid. We've had flooding like you wouldn't believe, freezing cold, gale force winds, hail and a dense, opaque cloud cover for ages. The weeds have loved it, naturally, but my flowers are wan and spindly and weird. (Thames Water was still maintaining that it was a drought, no rly, up until about a week ago, when they finally conceded that their reservoirs were overflowing.) The one nice thing about the cloud cover is that my Japanese maple's leaves haven't gone all crispy yet. Unsurprisingly, a plant that puts out red leaves doesn't like heat or direct sunlight.

    Um...Oh right, I hope I gave you good advice with regard to the chard and the spinach. My mom says that getting rid of diseased leaves helps the plant in more ways than one--in addition to stopping any infection before it can spread, the plant also doesn't waste energy trying to heal the damaged leaves and can pay attention to growing. Oh, keep an eye on your spinach though--I had a constant battle trying to keep it from bolting, pretty much from the second it germinated. Once it decides to go for flowers the leaves remain tiny and bitter and it shoots up woody stalks. Keep it low and shrubby.

    I've come to understand that cucumbers like to climb. You may want to find it a good strong trellis to train it up before it starts menacing your tomatoes.

    Ben and I have decided that we do not have enough lemon trees here, so we're going to move to California.

  2. Thanks for the long reply! :) Answers:

    The neighbors don't mind the rosebush because that's the basement window ;) It's climbing up towards our bedroom/closet window, and I doubt it'll ever get high enough to reach our upstairs neighbor (who likely wouldn't mind anyway). So there's that!

    How interesting about the weather you're dealing with. It's been pretty hot over here, mostly dry, with the exception of random wet days here and there, though I think that's pretty much over by now. Time for summer in California!

    Re: the spinach, I removed the diseased leaves a while ago, but they just grew back diseased again! I could do a better job of removing though; last time I just plucked them roughly with my fingers...I could use the clippers and do a more thorough job this time and see if it helps.

    The cucumber doesn't seem as interested in climbing as it does in reaching for the squash (I think it gets more sun, so the cucumber is maybe just reaching for the sun).

    I agree; we have lemon trees aplenty in California! Move here! Or, you know, Cinque Terre, which we learned also has tons of lemon trees.

  3. can you make opium with california poppies?

    p.s.: i'm drunk

  4. Haha, I don't think they're that kind of poppies. Sorry to disappoint!

  5. there should be a law...everyone should have a garden (reduce their taxes as incentive..perhaps

    incentive = spelling ? ie motivation

  6. I don't think forcing people to garden is a great idea...many people don't have the space or time to plant and maintain a garden, especially in cities or poorer communities. That doesn't seem like a very fair tax incentive program, does it?

    I do think gardening is a great activity though, and I encourage people who are interested but don't have space at home to get involved with their local community garden if they have one!

  7. forcing people to have a garden...looks like i get my words twisted against me
    ... i try to say something about never heard the phrase....there oughta be a law .....?

  8. Haha, I guess I took you too literally! :)

  9. reduce their taxes as an using speeding tickets to influence speeding behavior in cars.... is that forcing people to obey traffic laws ? they will twist things in a negative way.
    i have said to my self for years...when i see a beautiful garden in front of someone's house... or flowers...i think they should get tax credits, pay less taxes to help beautify the city...especially downtown because lots of people let their front yard go to hell... and it looks awful especially for out of town visitors.
    when they pay less taxes... it is an incentive to their neighbors to plant beautiful flowers tomatoes isnt forcing them... it is giving them an incentive or motivation....what do you mean by forcing them...putting a gun to their head?
    sorry i am not good with english or expressing myself. i did better with math. i had a brother born in cancer - very adept at twisting my words against me- just like the astrology texts say - it is irritating.
    forcing to me...means violence....physical force. a tax break is NOT is an incentive, an you DONT have to do it if you dont want it isnt forcing. people should do things out of love...not for a pay check or money is waved in front of their this society , people love can be an isnt FORCE- like a gun to someone's head... ie the tax credits or not to help pay for flower or tomato or corn seeds...rather,,,, it is a pat on the back - well done. why do i have to explain myself ? it is part of being sagitarius and being misunderstood initially, so cancer can run in and mis-interpret or twist things.

  10. incentive - dictionary = reward is NOT force.
    no space...knock down every other house... force them to knock down excess houses.
    why isnt it a fair tax... jimmy carter, jfk (originally the greeks) isnt fair
    encourage = incentive... or you just use pom poms ?

    i wish i had the time for a garden...three years ago i had corn and pumpkins in my front yard... i am sure my neighbors didnt like it