Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We have a little bit of a suicidal sunflowers problem. I came home one day to what looked like a group harakari situation...

so sad.
I think that for some of them, the flower had started to grow too fast for the strength of the stalk, so they just toppled. One sunflower remains, and Will staked it today -- hopefully it doesn't die as well. As for the remaining flowers, I snipped them off so all that was left was a little stump. We'll see if anything grows back, or if they just shrivel up and die. Le sigh.

In happier news...

Anise Hyssop is looking beautiful!
The poppies are pretty pathetic, but that
anise hyssop has just shot straight up!

Beans! Beans! And nothing but beans!
(name that musical reference)
(admittedly, it's a bit of a reach)
Tomatoes! They're even bigger and more
orange now...this picture is a week old.
oops. shouldn't have admitted that.

And finally, it's kind of hard to see, but there is a brand new layer of grass/sod in our yard. I think the gardeners did it? Kind of random, since the rest of the yard doesn't have anything, but still...cool.

The end.


  1. Just thinking, with regard to the sunflowers, how much direct sunlight do they get? They're quite wiggly flowers and may lean over to get in the sunshine if they're in shadow for part of the day, but too much leaning might topple them. I may be horribly wrong.

  2. They get a good amount of direct sunlight, most of the day. I don't think they'd have to lean much to get it...but I thought maybe their heads were getting too heavy for their bodies or something. I may also be horribly wrong.

  3. Ed Note: We think it might be a critter...the stems have all been bent at the same height (about 6-8" high), and once they're bent/broken, the flower head goes missing. I am blaming the fatty squirrel for now...thoughts, internet?

  4. Into The Woods ! (I should know, I was in it...)
    Hey, I'm a little late to the game but catching up on your blog posts... how's the garden doing?

  5. You win ;)

    Garden is good - getting ready to transition into fall gardening of some sort...